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Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood » Major Content Update #3: New Features, Weapons, Characters, Stages, and More!

Behold, Creatures of the Night!

We have thrilling tidings from the dark domain and wish you to join us for this lavish luncheon of our au courant additions.

We shine some moonlight on the features that make Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood special and the fresh blood they pump into the genre. Join us as we peek behind the curtains and see incoming machinations and innovations the team has planned for Major Content Update #3.

Incoming Features for Content Update #3

We have such sights to show you! Here are our content and feature highlights for Content Update #3, which is just around the corner. The visuals posted here are subject to change.

I. Weapon Evolutions

We don’t just look for new ways to squash, crush, blast, and dismember our enemies, but we’re also doing evolutions! Once you attain the highest level of a specific weapon, you can evolve them into stronger and meaner versions, all to destroy your enemies with.

Here are some examples of what is to come:

Coasting Guillotine
What’s next after chopping heads and limbs using a decorative platter? Well, it’s the Coasting Guillotine. Of course, it’s always fun to dismember parts in five different directions!

Critical Cutter
Turn those Positive Thoughts into razor-blade musings! Tear through enemies with this cloud of blades.

Unholy Conduit
The upgraded version of Devil Breath has you melting enemy faces in four directions!

II. Familiars

Familiars, or summoned creatures, are companions players can acquire in any stage. Familiar Summoning Rooms will appear as part of the random level generation. If you can survive the special challenges here, you’ll unlock one to follow you for the rest of the level.

Like you, they can receive damage from enemies, but they attack incoming opponents as well. They can also be upgraded at the shop!

Without further ado, here are some of the incoming Familiars coming in for Content Update #3:

The Shadowcat
A creature borne from the shadows, the Shadowcat sends out beams of destructive energy from the front and back. Its powers also enhance your Projectile Range. Just don’t rub its belly, and avoid putting glasses on the edges of countertops.

The Hellhound
A beast from the depths of hell itself, the Hellhound will bite anything in front of its master. It also leaves a curse called Hell-Mark, which causes enemies bearing this curse to receive additional damage. Its innate malice enhances your base power as well. Unlike the Shadowcat, this one loves belly rubs.

III. Nightmare Mode

We have new additions to the Nightmare Mode for daring players who yearn for more. You can activate challenges in exchange for lovelier rewards. For Content #3, here is a sneak peek into the new modes:

Can you even finish a run without the bugs you dearly love eating, Renfield? Power-ups will not spawn at all in this mode. That said, stay hydrated and don’t skip meals, players!

It might seem like we’re describing you, Renfield, but that’s not the case at all. In this mode, all talent upgrades are banished from your reach.

IV. Challenge Rooms

Also added to the random level generation, a Challenge Room is a specific area that tests the players’ innate strength and mettle. Each room has its unique design and rewards.

Vault of Valuables
Would you dare enter its doors in exchange for a chance to good fortune? Gold collected is nonrefundable or transferable to any modern currency.

V. New Characters

We’ve got new places, and we have new faces, too! We’re dropping new characters, each with its distinct playstyle and challenges!

Mark, our beloved group therapy leader!
This trusty support group leader puts his words into action. Stop the cycle of abuse!

Sun-kissed Dracula
Is he OK? No.

Damsel-in-distress? Midnight snack? She’s neither, not with these deadly pom-poms!

Sister Charlotte
She brings divine retribution to the forces of darkness.

VI. New Stages

We’re ecstatic to reveal two new stages for players to explore and conquer.

Murder Room
There’s no escaping this time. With no exit in sight, the only way forward is through your ultimate opponent!

Dracula’s Castle
It’s every gothic fan’s dreamland. Aged flagstones, intricate candelabras, and lingering creatures around the corner waiting to suck your blood—yes, it’s Dracula’s dominion. Enjoy this throwback level if you dare!

Ever your servants, we’re more than happy to entertain you to your heart’s content. Nothing pleases us more than the contentment of the Dark Lord, Dracula, and our dedicated players of this humble game. The team expresses their absolute gratitude for trying out Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood, and for the critical and relevant insight you’ve provided so we could improve this title.

If you have any questions or suggestions, hop on to our Discord and let us know. We’d be more than happy to see you there! Happy slashing, everyone!