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Magecraft » Magecraft 1.0 Release!!!

Hello all! Version 1.0 has been released! Thank you for your support during our early access period. 1.0 comes with new content including a new boss, new waves, new spells, major performance improvements, and bug fixes!

New Content

New Waves

6 new extremely challenging waves, featuring new mechanics leading up to the final boss. While we will keep spoilers to a minimum, here’s some good advice: do NOT touch the lasers!

New Boss: Doombringer

A boss that can turn the tide by unleashing it’s own bullet hell against you, this boss can be a difficult challenge to overcome. Only bring the most finely tuned spells to this challenge!

New Spell: Apocalypse

Rarity: Legendary. Rapidly generate high damage explosions that target completely random locations anywhere on the screen. Not the most powerful spell type on it’s own, but it can get pretty insane with the right modding.

New Spell: Spectral Barricade

Rarity: Rare. The first of two completely new spell types, orbiters. Creates a sphere that orbits around the caster and damages whatever it comes into contact with.

New Spell: Disseminated Formation

Rarity: Legendary. The second new orbiter spell type, this one generates twin orbs that rotate at a much slower speed while also doing significantly more damage.

Balance Changes

  • Damage increased to 18 per tick.
Blood Burst
  • Knockback increased from 0 -> 0.35.
  • Now turns invulnerable during it’s screen wide summoning attack.
  • Now immune to slow debuff.
  • Chaser speed reduced from 6 -> 5.
Water Tiles
  • Healing amount for player now scales to max health, significantly increased healing amount.
  • Healing cooldown for player increased from 3s -> 5s.
  • Unchanged for mobs.
Toxic Tiles
  • Damage amount now scales to max health. Applies to mobs.
  • Now adds a flat value to knockback instead of scaling by multiplier.
  • Maximum movement speed reduction from 90% -> 80%
  • Now stacks additive instead of multiplicative.
  • Now stacks additive instead of multiplicative.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Second Sun not moving to the center of the screen correctly when the fight starts at the edge of the map
  • Fixed some issues were terrain tiles overlap in odd ways
  • Fixed a rare issue where the third Beholder eye at the start of phase 3 wouldn’t spawn correctly and be broken for the rest of the fight
  • Fixed several typos and formatting issues in spell mod descriptions
  • Fixed Sunbeam being completely uneffected by homing mods
  • Fixed Fussilade not working correctly when cast as a While Alive spell
  • Fixed a null error when mobs spawned outside of the playable area
  • Fixed lifesteal ignoring cooldown if on a while-alive-cast subspell.