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Madville+ » Madville+ v1.1 Major Update!

Hello everyone,

Here is the first major update for Madville+, bringing a lot of new stuff. Here they are:

— Game Modifiers —

With this update, you can now access a modifier menu. This menu allows you to customize the game as you like.

Boxing Glove

You hate the boxing glove? Now you can remove it completely. Or you want to make it more central to the gameplay? It is possible too. Boss behaviours, which cause you to drop your more powerful weapon, adapt to this, too.

Session Length

You can choose to play shorter game sessions (which allows a quicker upgrade loop).


You can now choose a harder difficulty, if you want to show off.

Available Add-on types

… And my favorite: Now you can select which add-on types will be available for a certain session. This way, you can have a totally different feeling when experimenting with synergies and aim for more purposeful builds by decreasing the randomness factor. This mode would also let you discover more about some upgrades which doesn’t reveal their true powers in small quantites.

All these modifiers have some limiations to avoid ruining the fun completely. For example, you can’t select fewer than 4 add-on types to include in a session. Also, your starting health and money get affected according to your modifiers. You can experiment with all of these in the game and choose whatever suits your gameplay style best.

— New Profession: Survivalist (.. and 7 new guns) —

As a true survivalist, you will start with your scrappy guns, but they can transform into really crazy ones with upgrades. You also have a bandage to heal you when needed, and if all fails, your survival instinct will provide an extra kick when you’re in critical health.

— New Passives —

Watchmaker I
Watchmaker II
Alien Heart
Alien Brain
Alien Hand

Play to find out their powers!

— Balancing fixes —

A lot of balancing corrections. A lot of gun base damages, reloading times etc. are updated, and related gun transformations are edited accordingly.

Some add-ons (especially the ones that affect bullet size) are changed. You can still cheese them but it’s a bit harder and with more penalty in other aspects.

Edited some weapon sounds, so that they’re not annoying as they used to be.

Probably more like these will come, with the incoming feedback.

— Bug fixes —

– The audio for weapons will randomly cut out
– After using the Drag & Drop dice effect, the cursor remains as a pink hand until the end of the level
– The visual radius of the some weapons shrink sometimes, and then enlarge again.
– Some unrelated effects (like PHD thesis) seems to take on some of gun modifiers.
– You can stand inside of the PHD thesis barricade that the scientist has
– Pickups can be dropped out of reach.
– fast shooting collision fix
– Inconsistent Chains, especially with fast firing weapons.
– Worse gun transformations (NOTE: this might still be possible in some cases, since some add-ons might be more compatible with non-transformed gun, but I will try to adjust as I test more)
– The Evolver upgrade sometimes just makes your guns worse
– Some weird boss behaviours.

.. and many many more that I haven’t noted down …

Special thanks to HoHoJoe, for giving me juicy details that really helped nailing down some of these bugs!

— About other feedback & requests —

I know this update doesn’t have some features that some of you really want to see. I would like to adress them:

– Controller Support: I want to add it, but I can’t make promises, because it is a big undertaking, mostly because of mouse based menus. There is just a lot of functionality (like drag&drop add-on system) where mapping keyboard inputs are not enough and a complete re-programming is needed, and this must be done without breaking existing functionality.

– Resolution support: I’m very sad that I couldn’t foresee the player reaction around this. The game is built upon an old game, it’s old technology doesn’t let me provide better resolutions without getting a performance hit. I don’t have a high-end monitor so I couldn’t foresee that it would bother some players this much. I can only hope that you can forgive it if you like it enough, especially considering game’s price point. But if it is really tiresome for your eyes, I can’t provide a solution other than a refund. I’m sorry for this.

– Endless Mode: No promises, but this will probably come with next updates. It just couldn’t make it in this update.

– Reloading bar & sounds: I’m experimenting with this. Couldn’t include in this update, because there are many guns with different characteristics and using reloading sounds can be very tiresome in some cases. Trying to find a way to accommodate most (if not all) scenarios. This also applies to reloading bar: I can provide an option that will show a small reloading bar on the character head, but I’m not sure if it fits every scenario.


Thanks for reading and playing my little weird game!

Let me know your thoughts in comments!

– Mushy Jukebox