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Danger Scavenger » Lumencraft begins playtests!

Hello, Scavengers!

It’s a big day for our friends – Scouts! Lumencraft is entering the playtests and everybody is welcome in the underground 🥳

While you are reading this you shall also be downloading the newest version of Lumencraft. Our friends at 2Dynamic Games worked really hard to deliver you the best possible drilling experience and we all hope that you will like it! Till 7th March you can play Lumencraft for free. You can also report what you don’t like, request what would you like to see during Early Access, and in general share your thoughts with devs. During those 3 weeks, together we will hunt bugs and prepare for Early Acess!

Are you excited? We sure are! See you in a new battleground Scavengers!

Oh, and don’t forget that to help them survive in this unwelcoming environment you can wishlist Lumencraft on Steam⚙️, join our Discord 🎧 server and follow us on Facebook 👍 and Twitter 🐦

Stay rebel! ✊
Star Drifters Team ⭐🚀