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Auto Cast » Lost Souls: Update 2.0

What’s New

Lost Souls

– 10 Modifiers added that can be unlocked by completing various achievements. View Lost Souls in the main menu.
– These modifiers are intended to keep runs fresh, enable different builds, and increase the difficulty.
– New Lost Souls: Ephemeral Hordes, Blood Pack, Gauntlet, Affliction Amplifier, Gambler, Feeding Frenzy, Cursed Catalyst, Capitalist Economy, Hardcore, and Worship

Prestige Unlocks

– New spell: Celestial Guardians, unlocked at prestige 27
– New spell: Holy Smite, unlocked at prestige 28
– New enemy: Warlock Mole, unlocked at prestige 29
– New item: Holy Staff, unlocked at prestige 30
– New spell: Solar Flare, unlocked at prestige 31


– Nothing worse than getting stuck between a rock and a Goblin: Added the ability for the hero to Dash! Use the spacebar to move the hero through obstacles. Beware, the hero can still be attacked while dashing. The dash distance is based on the hero’s move speed.
– 2 new Steam achievements, “It’s a trap” and “Archaeologist.”


Quality of Life

– Pause menu can now display negative coins collected in the current run
– Relic “Enhance” now displays in the buff/debuff menu
– Added the option to disable auto opening the pause menu in the settings menu under “Gameplay”


– Avils now give the option to gain a charge when the relic is max level
– Enemy Mole: Even after several re-works, I haven’t been able to make the Mole’s movement behavior feel good. It’s buggy, annoying, and frankly, not even that interesting. I’ve decided to re-work the moles
abilities from the ground up. Maybe I’ll revisit this randomized movement or something simular in the future, but for now, this is the new Mole behavior
– Now has the same movement behavior as other enemies (Treant, Goblin, etc.)
– Starts with a magic shield. Any instance of damage breaks the shield. Once the shield is broken, the Mole takes damage like normal.



– Cursed Apple now grants 2x XP equal to the health that would have otherwise been granted by the health potion instead of a flat 200 XP, so that’s 20/30/60XP for small/medium/large health potions
– Iron Shield now also increases immunity duration by .25s
– Lowered Inhibitor Eye slow radius by 24%
– Boots of Speed now also increase dash distance by 25%


– Lowered Elusive Nature slow talent slow radius by 24%


– Magnetize now grants 10% bonus XP gains instead of 15% movespeed


– Increased the chance to add a new enemy to spawn from 70/75/80% to 75/80/85% in Normal/Hard/Extreme difficulties
– Prestige required to level up is now capped to 1400, it did not previously have a cap. This cap is reached at prestige 26.
– I want players to be able to try out the new content as soon as possible, Prestige gains have been increased across the board

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed enemies dealing damage during death animation
– Fixed some spelling errors
– Fixed Noxious Fumes effects not getting removed after the item is replaced
– Fixed the debuff, stats, inventory, and spells menu being togglebale with the spacebar/enter keys
– Fixed the debuff/stat menus opening after making a selection with the hotkeys in the talent menu
– Fixed spell description not displaying correct stats when gaining/loosing stats like cooldown reduction or when starting the game