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Just Shapes and Beasts » Lost Chapter + Patch 1.6.30


The once lost to time chapter has now been found, experience the story as it was meant to be told through five brand new tracks including a new boss battle:

– F-777 – Airborne Robots
– Kommisar – Last Tile 海底撈月
– Shirobon – Born Survivor
– MDK – Interlaced (JS&B EXCLUSIVE)
– Shirobon – Spider Dance (Remix)

You can play this new chapter once you have completed the Story mode, and if you’ve already done that, well, it’s somewhere in there, I’m sure you can figure it out.

These tracks can also now be found in the wild in both of their forms in Challenge runs and in Playlist/Party mode once completed in the Story Mode.


Story mode is for babies? Well, put your proverbial money where your pie hole is, because this update also bring Hardcore to the Story Mode!


No matter what difficulty you choose, we hope you enjoy the completion of our little story that took us a whole three years to tell.

The passion y’all have for our game is what drives us to do more, we couldn’t ask for a better community of rad people.

Cheers and to three more!

– The JS&B team


Yeah it’s been a few months since the actual Lost Chapter update, does seem like I forgot to hit submit after saving this, technology is hard my dudes.

Anyway, here’s the release notes for the mostest currentest bestest build that was launched in the wild today, its a lot of under the hood improvements and a couple of fixes to the recently-ish introduced stages. Also below it is the changelog for the previous update!

1.6.30 release notes

  • Fixed issue where at the start of the cavern elevator sequence, the animation could glitch
  • Fixed issue where the player could mess up the end transition of the cavern elevator
  • Fixed memory leak that could occur in levels with the ‘water’ waves
  • Keyboard layout option has been moved to Controls panel
  • Added text to the story end popup to point to the Lost Chapter and Hardcore difficulty in Story mode
  • Fixed issue with rotating teeth in Boss in ‘New Game’
  • Fixed issue with collision on some walls (mostly in ‘Interlaced’)
  • Fixed issue with invisible collision in ‘Cool Friends’
  • Fixed some rewind issues in ‘Born Survivor’
  • Fixed massive memory leaks in low-level systems
  • Fixed issue with un-pausing by clicking the ‘Esc’ button
  • New fallback to WEBm videos if playback of MP4s fails on Windows

1.6.24 release notes (Lost Chapter)

  • The Lost Chapter: a new story mode chapter
  • 5 new levels, including a new boss!
  • 3 new languages: Polish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese
  • You can now play the Story mode on Hardcore difficulty
  • You can now navigate all menus in one-hand mode
  • Reorganized controls menu (to better explain one-hand mode)
  • Added collisions in Helicopter sequence to better message the path to take
  • New rendering optimizations for better performance
  • Added sound effect when jumping between chapters in Chapter Select menu
  • Improved support for photosensitive mode in ‘Unlocked’
  • Changed the requirements for the last party levels to 30 S ranks each (instead of all tracks)
  • Reduced some requirements regarding the number of friends to rescue and challenges to play
  • Improved font visual quality for Japanese, Korean, Chinese S&T, Russian
  • Increased darkness of interfaces background, for better readability
  • Fixed issue with invisible collisions in Helicopter sequence
  • Fixed issue with white flashes on beams appearing too soon
  • Fixed issue with collisions in ‘Tokyo Skies’ during warning states
  • Fixed issue with skipping story levels using challenge mode game over states
  • Fixed issue with collisions on respawn in ‘Paper Dolls’
  • Fixed issue with camera movement after rewind in ‘Flowers of Antimony’
  • Fixed issue with player footprint on island during boat sequence
  • Fixed spawning issue in ‘Strike the Earth!’
  • Fixed issue with first appearing flowers in ‘Final Boss’
  • Fixed issue with small ‘dot’ in ‘Final Boss’ sprite
  • Fixed issue with last hexagon despawning in ‘Spectra’ after a rewind
  • Fixed issue with ‘triangle shoot’ spawn sometimes not shooting entire clip of bullets (as seen in ‘Chronos’)
  • Fixed issue with players getting hit during transitions of tutorial
  • Fixed crash in tutorial level
  • Fixed issue with some spawns not playing their warning and hit animations when pooled
  • Fixed issue in ‘Vindicate Me’ with a Wall warning moving with the camera
  • Fixed issue with Square Appear spawn glitching because of reusing pooled spawns in same line
  • Fixed issue with challenge result screen player cards overlapping sometimes
  • Fixed issue with level continuing without players when disconnecting controllers while P1 was dead
  • Fixed issue in ‘Vindicate Me’ with misaligned pistons spawning
  • Fixed issue in ‘Core’ where you could get hit after a rewind
  • Fixed issue in ‘Core’ where the cross pattern could spawn off-centered after a rewind
  • Fixed issue in ‘Strike the Earth!’ where the shovels in the Hardcore difficulty were slower than Normal
  • Fixed issue in Helicopter sequence where the Helicopter could flip on the X axis if hit by a piston
  • Fixed issue in Helicopter sequence where the animation when hitting something was always right-facing
  • Fixed issue in Helicopter sequence where the Helicopter could disappear for a long time when hit
  • Fixed safe zone issue in ‘Milky Ways’
  • Fixed credits typo for ‘LETS BE FRIENDS – FTW’
  • Fixed random spawns appearing in ’Sevcon’
  • Fixed delayed wall attack on the right in ‘Clash’
  • Fixed size issue with lasers in ‘Granite’
  • Fixed issue with darkness texture not appearing when going back to Island map before beating ‘Barracuda’
  • Fixed issue regarding offset for enemies spawned after a rewind
  • Fixed random spike balls appearing in ‘Legacy’
  • Fixed missing squares in ‘New Game’ when the Boss punches the ground
  • Fixed collision issue during warnings in ‘Granite’
  • Fixed syncing issue in ‘Hype’
  • Fixed explosions consistency in ‘Core’
  • Fixed issue with wall warnings turning black on rewinds with Photosensitive mode enabled
  • Fixed visible lines in ‘Crystal Tokyo’
  • Fixed issue with players sometimes moving weirdly
  • Fixed text in French not being conjugated correctly (‘Playlist Terminée’)
  • Fixed flash before level rotation in ‘Close to Me’
  • Fixed collision issues with shovels in ’Strike the Earth!’
  • Fixed issues with teleporting shovels in ‘Strike the Earth!’
  • Fixed translation for ‘Shovel Knight’ in Simplified Chinese
  • Fixed issue with coloured backgrounds when going to the chapter selection menu
  • Fixed issue with rewinding during volcano elevator sequence
  • Fixed issue with mouse overs states for buttons in chapter select menu
  • Fixed issue with clicking ‘back’ in the pause/option menu
  • Fixed issue with visible ‘clipping’ mountains textures in Island map
  • Fixed issue with non-moving spikes in ‘On the Run’
  • Fixed weird lag at the end of tutorial level in Story mode
  • Fixed issue where borders ‘Try This’ could sometimes not reappear after a rewind
  • Support for Discord ‘Ask to Join’
  • Support for DualSense controller
  • Added profanity checks for community room names and passwords
  • Added support for monitor switching in settings
  • If player 1’s controller gets disconnected, a popup will now appear
  • Fixed issue with camera scaling when switching resolutions with different aspect ratiosFixed small freeze when switching between resolutions
  • Fixed mouse navigation in settings menu
  • Fixed issue with sometimes the videos not playing (Berzerk intro and story ending)
  • Fixed some camera transitions in the cavern
  • Fixed animation glitch in paradise entry
  • Fixed overflowing text in Casual mode popup in certain languages
  • Fixed data caching error that could break party mode if left running
  • Fixed visual alignment in the Tower map
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the camera movement would not start in ‘Vindicate Me’ on Hardcore difficulty

As always, if there’s anything wrong, please do email us at and we’ll do our very best to answer you asap!