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Loop Hero » Loop Hero v1.153

Hi all!
This is FourQuarters.

Some news to start:
Work on a major update stopped at 80% two months ago, but we will continue development soon.
Almost all graphics and code are finished, mostly texts/sounds/balance remain.

Also, so far, after the release of the version for Nintendo Switch, there have been a few fixes and now we decided to update the PC version along with them.
And also added support for gamepads!

Here is a list of exactly supported gamepads:

Any xInput (XBox and analogs)
Sony DualShock 3/4 + Dualsence

Sony DualShock 3/4
XBox 360 controller
Anything else is not guaranteed, as MacOS does not allow the game to change the mapping of connected gamepads.

Linux Ubuntu (other systems are not officially supported by Game Maker Studio):
Sony DualShock 4
There may be others, but it was not possible to check, since the virtual machine reacts strangely to connected gamepads.
– It is also likely that Linux users will need to install drivers for gamepads:
sudo apt-get install jstest-gtk
sudo apt-get install joystick

We will continue (as far as possible under the current conditions), work on updating!

P.S. If the gamepad buttons do not appear in the game, but the joystick itself works, then in the game settings in the ‘Controller’ tab in Steam, you need to disable the ‘Steam input mode’.