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It’s Here!

We’ve decided to release QoL update v1.1 in Beta first to resolve any unforeseen consequences. We’ve tested it, of course, and resolved everything we’ve found, but we still might’ve missed something. Play at Your Own Risk!
It may be problematic to return to the public v1.013 version with a beta save, so PLEASE, COPY YOUR NEW V1.1 SAVE TO A DIFFERENT SLOT.
You can then return to v1.013, if you dislike the patch for some reason. *sharpens blade*

To access the Beta, right click Loop Hero in your Steam Library and go to Properties > Betas. Select “beta1.1” from the dropdown menu and Steam should queue the download.

Main Updates:
  1. In-Expedition Saves: As many of you asked, now the game saves in the expeditions if you quit. To resolve possible issues we’ve added:
    • Escape during battles! – Now you can escape to the camp right before the eyes of your enemies. You’ll still lose as much loot as you would have if you died, but it’s flashier.
    • Debug retreat and backup loading! – Now if you hold “load”/”continue” button in the main menu, you’ll get two new buttons – “debug retreat” and “load backup”. First allows you to abandon the expedition on that save and return to camp. But you will lose all your resources from that expedition, so use it in emergency cases only. And backup loads the previous version of your camp.
  2. Expedition and Fight Speed Sliders: Now the speed changing button is a little different. It’s a slider going from 1x-4x instead of a 1x-2x switch. There is also an option to change the fight speed, which you can turn on in the options menu. Although the game fighting system is balanced around the default 1x speed and you might risk not understanding what happens on higher speeds.
  3. Decks: Now you can switch the card, item and trait deck, and have up to 4 of them. Oh, and by the way:
  4. Perk Deck: Now there is a possibility to “turn off” the trait you get from bosses, so they aren’t a hindrance if you changed your mind.
  5. New Tiles and New Enemies: It’s more interesting if you find out about them yourselves. We’ll just say there’s 3 of each.
  6. Camp Item Stacks: Some camp items have a limit on an amount of same items that can be equipped at once.
    After a few days reading your comments on a stacking system, we decided that just limiting certain items is a bad idea on its own. Reverted it back. Will think about it more.
  7. Now items can be locked in the inventory by right-clicking them, so they aren’t destroyed when you get new equipment.
  8. A lot of traits/enemy skills/parameters reworded for clearer indication of the effect.
  9. A bunch of changes to the English and Russian texts, a lot of typos fixed, as well as some translation issues.
  10. Some Minor Bugfixes.
  11. Speedrun Mode:
    • Activating this will turn on the chapter timer which will always show during gameplay.
    • If you start a new game with the speedrun mode on, there will also be an “any%” timer, which shows the time of the entire walkthrough.

After some beta-testing (and probably a few updates), this will become fully public and replace the current v1.013 version.

– Four Quarters Team –