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Loop Hero » Loop Hero Hotfixes 009-012

12-march-2021 – Loop Hero v1.012 hotfix

Fixed the “book worm” achievment not working for some people – if you have trouble getting it, just check the encyclopedia once more
Fixed the resource dupe bug in alchemy
Blood/hungry grove indicator is now drawing properly when the battle tile is affected by both
Reworked 3rd bosses summons “astral” mechanic, should be most noticeable as the necromancer
Change the timing in titles slightly
Reworded “broken geography” achievment, so it reflects the requirements correctly


09-march-2021 – Loop Hero v1.011 hotfix

Note: we accidentally added a critical error when pushing this hotfix last night. This is now fixed, and we’re very sorry that many people had crashes because of it.

Fixed the game crashing when unlocking the 3rd lich article in 4k or higher in fullscreen
Fixed the game crashing when minimising it with win+D
Hopefully fixed the issue with some people getting a crash in the beginning of expedition
Fixed the “book worm” achievement not unlocking until finding the dark slime. If you have all the articles unlocked, just go into the encyclopedia and you should get it
Added a sound when the hero is damaged by healing on swamps for using oblivion with “blissful ignorance” trait, from meadows or from “surveyor” trait
Fixed the blood grove not transforming when the forest burns near it
Made some camp items’ descriptions more correlating with in-game logic
Fixed various typos


08-march-2021 – Loop Hero v1.010 hotfix

Fixed the “out of memory” error in long expeditions
Maybe removed lags for some players
Battlefields now turn into shipwreks properly. This time for sure!
Fixed “shield of faith” trait, now it’s working as described
Fixed possible softlock in 2nd boss fight when dying at the same time as boss
“Deep Pockets” trait is no longer added to the perk pool in chapter 4
Removed the resource cap in chapter 4
Added charge animations to ally archers
Changed the skeleton archers/mages sprites
Fixed various typos


07-march-2021 – Loop Hero v1.009 hotfix

Fixed “broken geography” achievement accidently triggering in titles
Archers attacks no more stack armor on enemies with “hardening” skill
Fixed arsenal deleting not working correctly with the necromancer
Probably fixed the issue with bandits crashing the game
Campfire now heals before bosses on level 4 kitchen
Potions now trigger every 1.5 seconds of walking in 2x speed
Regen and potions now work better when changing game speed in ini. We still can’t promise it will work properly, and are working on an in-game solution at this moment
Fixed sorting button not appearing when switching to craft menu from other menus