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Lone Ruin » LONE RUIN – Roadmap Incoming!


Thank you for all your support so far. We thought we’d update you on how things are going on our end!
We’re working hard to run through every single piece of feedback that has been sent our way, and are formulating a short-term roadmap.

We are not a huge team, and to accommodate for this influx of amazing new players, we’re making sure we take our time and get it right. Rest assured, we have plans in store for some new features and changes which will address a lot of the feedback but still retain the core, fun gameplay of LONE RUIN that many of you have been loving.

In the mean time, be sure to jump into the LONE RUIN Survival competition we’re currently running, with the chance to win from a $1000 prize pool. All information is listed here: LONE RUIN SCOREBOARD RULES

We cannot express our gratitude enough for supporting us through the launch, this game is a project that everyone is unbelievably passionate about and we’re continuing to work on it to make it even better. 💜

We’ll talk to you soon – until then, keep exploring!

– Super Rare Games & Cuddle Monster Games Team