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Lone Ruin » LONE RUIN – Bug Fixes

Good day mages!

Here is the latest updates that have been added to LONE RUIN 👇

  • Fix issue with un-unlocking survival areas when playing already finished ones
  • Fix issue where spell upgrades weren’t offered at the intended rate
  • Reroll price lowered
  • Blessing slots are now offered as rewards before you run out of slots
  • Ruin Run and the first few Errands are tuned easier
  • Fixes a few issues with Burn and Chill
  • UI/UX changes and bugfixes around selecting errands and cloaks
  • Lower HP on the Three Shades Boss (25000 -> 20000)
  • Fix issue where you would be locked out of spellcasts during spell recharge
  • Increase Nova starting un-charged radius
  • Buff Shards Spell
  • Buff Scythe Spell
  • Buff Pulse Spell
  • Fix issue on Errand X where Three Shades would emit projectiles from the center of the map and not the Shade that got hurt.
  • Fixes potential crash with Orbitals
  • Nerfed Ghost Flower+Bleed Cloak combo. Invulnerability time from Bleed Cloak’s no longer scales with Ghost Flower.

Thanks again for all your amazing feedback,
Hannes 🧙🏻‍♂️