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Elder Trial » Limited-time crowdfunding campaign starts! Many limited crowdfunding rewards! !

Crowdfunding campaign page

Hello everyone, I am Ami, an independent game producer who daydreams every day, and the crowdfunding activity of “Trials of the Ancients” has started in Modian~

“Elder Trial” is my first work. It has been a year since the project was established. At present, the general framework of the entire game has been completed. It only takes 2-3 more months to complete this work. roll out.

The reason for the crowdfunding is very simple. The first is to promote the game and the second is because there is really no money and lack of funds to continue the production, so there is this crowdfunding.

The production funds of the game mainly come from several years of postgraduate scholarships, two first prizes and one national award, which add up to almost 40,000 yuan, but the current amount of money is not enough to continue to complete the game.

There are so many things to include in a game.

During the one year of game production, hardware, software, game materials, shelves, publicity, etc., every place needs money. In the case of already possessing various abilities, the money is still far from enough to spend.

Art, music, programming, engine, copywriting, planning, project management…the abilities in each aspect are very different, and it is very difficult to learn. This is not over, because there is the last and most difficult step of publicity.

If the abilities in the previous aspects can be mastered by perseverance, then the publicity and distribution really can only rely on money, which is a nightmare for all independent game developers.

All crowdfunding funds will be used to make the full version of the game. The current full version plan includes: 20 main skills, 40 mythical weapons, 1 trial level, 3 challenge levels, and 10-15 Chinese legends random events.

Level game rhythm will be more reasonable and compact.

Talent system and gold coin system. Monsters will drop gold coins in subsequent games. Collecting gold coins can be used to unlock talents, or use gold coins to revive in the game, increase the number of refresh skills, etc.

At the same time, there will be more drops in the game (such as blood recovery items)

If all goes well, the EA early access version of the game will be launched in April, and the full version will be launched in June (if it is faster, it may be earlier)