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Light Speed Ride Out » Light Speed Ride Out v0.33 is live!

This update includes some quality of life changes the community asked for. I included tooltips to the stats at the level up choice to provide an easy entry for new players and a failsafe dialogue when clicking “Abort Mission”.

Some players had complained about the roll chance of engines. For this reason, I have slightly increased the chance in the first two sectors once again. I hope this will reduce the randomness somewhat.

You can also check out the new content. A new ship, engines and passive items can be researched in the colony ship.

Feel free to post your feedback on our Discord server. The feedback of the community is very important in the process of creating this game. Feature requests and a supportive dialogue with the players is much appreciated.

Join us on Discord:

  • New Ship added: Dove (Hangar Technology)
  • New Engine added: Time Curvature Engine (Factory Technology)
  • New Engine added: Plasma Flame Engine (Factory Technology)
  • New Passive Item added: Reinforce Vulnerability (Biolab Technology)
  • New Passive Item added: Improvised Mending (Biolab Technology)
  • New Achievements added

-> You can research the new ship, engines and passives in the Colony Ship!

  • Chance to roll engines is increased in the first two sectors

  • Bug fixed: “Killed in shop menu” bug
  • Bug fixed: “Dismiss crew dialogue menu” bug
  • Tooltips have been added to the stats you can choose from when leveling up, in order to explain the benefits of these stats
  • “Abort Mission” failsafe dialogue added

Have fun!