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Light Speed Ride Out » Light Speed Ride Out – 30% Off!

Light Speed Ride Out is a top-down space survivors arena shooter with roguelite elements. Upgrade your ship with a variety of items to create unique builds and survive the enemy hordes. Assemble the crew of your ship, make the right decisions and rescue people to get them to join your space colony.

  • 20 totally different ships (Jets, heavy space stations, powerful alien ships, and much more…)
  • Over 100 different items to equip
  • 32 different weapons to unlock
  • 11 different engines to unlock
  • 6 different bosses to defeat
  • 5 levels of difficulty
  • 121 achievements to master
  • Auto-firing weapons
  • Switch positions of weapons and engines on your ship
  • Explore equipment combinations to find your unique build
  • Collect scrap to get items between waves of enemies
  • Encounter events and make the right decisions to succeed on your mission
  • Research new ships with unique abilities to customize your runs
  • Survive waves lasting 90 to 120 seconds each and defeat as many enemies as you can
  • Fight many different enemy ships and powerful bosses
  • Supports mouse, keyboard and gamepad

Assemble your crew
  • Find new crewmates to join your ship
  • Generated characters with unique traits (humans, robots or aliens)
  • See the crew interact with eachother
  • Succeed on your mission to get them to join your colony ship
  • Level up your ship-captains to improve their skills
  • Assign colonists to different quarters and manage your colony to unlock new technologies, items and ships