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Highway Rampage » Leaving Early Access!

Highway Rampage is OUT!
1.0 is here!

Greetings drivers! We’ve got some big news today – with this patch Highway Rampage is officially moving out of early access! We’re very pleased to show you what all we’ve been cooking up, got a little of everything for you: QOL additions, new content and some balance changes to make the mid and late game more of a challenge!

Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve got for you today:

– A map of the wastelands to help you chart your course and track where you’ve been (and have yet to explore)! Visible in the pause menu, the garage and the end of game screen, the map will light up the path you’ve taken on this run.
– In addition to the map we’ve added signage on end of sector turnoffs to better show you which areas you have available to go into.
– Tons of new enemies and enemy variants in the mid to late game areas.
– Changed the KPH score multiplier system to be a little more difficult to maintain – keeping your score multiplier high now requires you to take less hits in addition to racking up kills!
– Added in a handful of dashboard graphics to spice up the sidebars of the in game screens!
– Graphical revamp of the upgrade truck menus!
– Elemental/DOT effect weapons should be more effective against bosses.
– Later game bosses/minibosses HP increased to scale better with player power ramping.
– Some sound balancing.
– Several weapon reworks and damage rebalances.
– Last but not least, an opening cutscene!

As always, thank you for playing – we’d especially like to thank all of our early access players for giving us a chance and providing some invaluable feedback along the way! As always, we can be reached via the Steam discussion boards or on our socials if you have questions or comments!