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Valkyrie Champions » Launch patch!

v 0.007 (Early Access Launch)

– All Beta game save data removed
– Gold and EXP Items vacuum towards you on Victory
– Complete overhaul of damage formula to allow for better progression
– EXP re-balanced
– Multiplayer EXP desync bug fixed (hopefully)
– Medal times tweaked
– Password Protected Lobbies
– ZQSD support (for Azerty keyboards)
– First phase in every mission has reduced Enemy HP to help get player started on the mission
– Revive recovers all HP instead of half
– Revive time reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds
– AI Variations for some bosses
– Small AI Variations for some monsters
– Health item drop quantity nerfed
– Pausing at end of mission softlock fix
– Artwork added for 4th Valkyrie
– Items no longer spawn on-top of level boundaries
– “MP” text changed to “Power”
– Hungarian Localization improved