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Soundodger 2 » Launch Day + 1, aka v1.0.1

Hey Bullet Avoiders,

We had an amazing launch day yesterday. I’m glad so many new and Early Access players are getting to enjoy the finished, complete, occasionally-challenging version of Soundodger 2. Our creators worked yesterday to make some minor tweaks to levels, and I went ahead and squashed a few bugs that really had no business being there.

Thanks for reporting bugs in the discord, and continue enjoying your dodging!


changelog v1.0.1

  • Tweaks to Bean Bounty (normal + expert)
  • Tweaks to Drops (easy + advanced)
  • Tweaks to Loathing (normal)
  • Color tweaks to Drops (challenge)
  • Fixed missing unlock requirement for Ford the River (challenge)
  • Fixed Making Omelettes achievement not working in certain situations
  • Changed requirements for Ouija achievement
  • Fixed bug when previewing audio in Shatter heatmap but clicking retry instead
  • Fixed bug when previewing audio in Results heatmap but clicking retry instead during practice
  • Fixed shift key changing what happens when clicking a button at Shatter screen
  • Fixed scoring bug when skipping Results animation