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Sue Shi Survival » Launch and Early Access

First of all I just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who purchased the game and are giving it a go! Second, some of you may be wondering what the plan is going forward as we haven’t released an official roadmap for early access, so I just wanted to give some quick insight.

The first few days of launch are going to be primarily focused on ensuring everything runs smoothly. We tried as best as any two person indie team can to ensure as bug-free and enjoyable of an experience as possible, though we’re well aware these things will crop up regardless. If you do have any issues or suggestions we’d love to hear about them either in the Steam Discussions, or over on our Discord at

Once any initial problems are dealt with we’ll plan out a proper roadmap for character and other content updates, but Early Access should see frequent content updates at least every week or two, and balance and bug fixes every few days.

Thanks again for playing, and if you have any suggestions or complaints at all we’d love to hear them. A big part of Early Access for us is to have an environment we can easily take and build on player feedback. Hope you enjoy the game!

– Rain