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NeuroSquad - Slay the Horde » Latest demo update: version

Demo changelog
  • Fixed a visual bug: after the previous demo update, the Cyber aura was visible in some places behind walls if the player was close to them.
  • 🤜🤛 [Based on feedback]: Changed Fortune glitch to only activate when a boss chest is dropped (not on every split of the third boss).
  • Rebalanced the Prominent impact implant: it gives a 1% chance for enemies dropping crystals and an additional % per level up.
  • The curse that only allows 1 upgrade choice now correctly negates any upgrades (and implants) that add more upgrade choices while it’s active.
  • Autoexec no longer counts freezing as a status effect for checking the number of effects.
  • 🤜🤛 [Based on feedback]: Fixed the Holo-initializer and Drone initializer implants, on level 3 their effect had a very low chance of not activating due to an error in the randomization algorithm.