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Last Devil (nsfw) » Last Devil v3.1 fixes and optimization updates

Thank you for your support, we will continue to update and adjust the errors.

The first DEMO version had a lot of balance errors that caused the numbers to inflate severely, this time many values have been corrected.

Interested players can try to restart the game experience.

Bug fixes

1.Wrong display of backpack tab.
2.Some sound effects in the game cannot be adjusted from the settings.
3.Monsters in special rooms cannot draw blood.
4.Battle scenes with bosses, players can attack in advance.
5.The text of the blood-sucking and soul essence altar in Simplified Chinese is wrong and cannot be run.
6.The value of the reward given by the blood-sucking altar is wrong.
7.When the type of props are full, the good feeling props are given.
8.Relic fragment disappeared.
9.Character standing on the edge of the map can not shoot bullets.
10.System prompt text description error.
11.Reading the panel value of the archive is wrong.
12.Charlotte boss battle, the map has an invisible object blocking.
13.When the treasure chest drop animation is performed, an error will occur if the backpack is opened at the same time.


1.Added system prompt text at the bottom of the interface.
2.Optimize the text layout of various languages.
3.Increase the volume of Charlotte’s Chinese voiceover.
4.Extend all maps downward to avoid the battle surface blocking players.
5.Fixed grammar and vocabulary errors in all languages.

Numerical adjustments

1.Change the maximum number of life elixirs to 10, and adjust the value for each level.
2.Topaz The maximum number of topazes has been changed to 15, and the value of each level increase has been adjusted.
3.Charlotte Adjusted the value of the burst rate given after each level of affinity.
4.The female protagonist LV5 or more good feeling prop requirements adjusted.