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Deadlink » Last Call for Entries: Design Implant & Win Prizes Contest

Agents of Deadlink, tomorrow marks the final opportunity to showcase your creativity in the “Design Implant & Win Prizes” contest! We’ve been thrilled to see the flood of fantastic ideas pouring in, each one pushing the boundaries of imagination and enhancing the Deadlink experience.

📅 Submission Deadline: December 8, 10 AM PST

If you haven’t shared your implant design yet, now’s the time to dive into the fray and submit your entry in the comments section of this Steam announcement. The deadline is December 8 at 10 AM PST sharp!

🏆 Contest Results

With the plethora of outstanding submissions, our team faces the challenging task of selecting the top three designs. We appreciate the effort and dedication each Agent has put into creating a game-enhancing implant for Deadlink.

We’ll be diligently reviewing all entries in the upcoming weeks to ensure a fair assessment. The results will be revealed through another Steam announcement, so stay tuned for the announcement of the winners.

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who participated. Your contributions have added a new layer of excitement to the Deadlink universe. Get ready for the unveiling of the winning designs, and may the most innovative implant prevail! 🔥