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Slime Slayer » Last Call Demo Update!

New Update!

Firstly, this is the last big demo update! (aside from any bug fixes). I will be pulling the demo in 2 weeks or so in preparation for the Prologue release! The Prologue will be a free permanent version with a few more features and a bit more content in the way of enemies, bosses, and at least one or two alternate base abilities. The current release timeline for the Prologue is mid December!

This patch contains :
7 new runes!
-Launched Spell Rune – Create a projectile that casts your spell at the end of its destination
-Recast Rune – Hitting with your spell recasts your base spell on that enemy
*For both of these runes, subsequent modifier runes apply to the triggered spell. Any Previous runes apply to the spell doing the triggering 🤔
-Global AOE Rune – HUGE % increases to radius of the attached spell and any secondary effects (Spell orb, mines, launched spell, etc)
-Bonus Rune Level Rune – Applies the rune level of this rune to the rune underneath this one
-Random Rune Level Rune – Each cast, applies the rune level of this rune to a random rune underneath this one
-Debuff Lengthen Rune – kind of self explanatory
-Spell Power Rune – The rune level of this rune causes you to cast with that much extra Spell Power

With so many new runes in the pool, it makes it a bit harder to get the runes you might be wanting, so now the end of room will only ever drop Runes or Relics (no more chests of gold). Gold dropped from slimes has been increased to compensate

As an important note, when replacing/upgrading an existing rune, you no longer loose any rune upgrades you had previously made to that rune! Min-Max without losing out on your investment

Elemental Heart Rework!
Elemental Hearts now use the same system that all other skills use and are scaled with the power of a the slotted rune.
All Elemental Hearts will have upgrades limited to the max upgrade slots of the slotted rune.
All Elemental Hearts effectiveness is now multiplied by the effectiveness of the slotted rune
All Elemental Hearts now scale as a percentage of your Max Hp, so it’s always worth upgrading your Max HP

General Game Balance :
Later game slimes had a somewhat broken scaling with HP, and had a tendency to kill you pretty quickly if they were runecharged for a lot of damage. Rather than taking big hits of damage, all slimes do quite a bit less damage, but there are more of them later in the game, so you take lots of smaller hits instead. Player HP scaling is also less dramatic so these smaller hits make sense.

The two difficulty doors are now accentuated in difficulty, having a wider spread of gold drops, health scaling, damage scaling, and monster spawn quantity, The first door should have you feeling pretty OP, and the second door should provide an adequate challenge

Bug Fixes and QOL
-Fixed a bug related to player persistence soft crashing games
-Fixed a bug where slimes could wander off screen causing you to be trapped in the map
-Added an arrow to indicate that you can upgrade already equipped runes
-Added Skulls over the difficulty doors to help indicate difficulty
-Added Elemental Heart detail display to the rune equip screen, so you can see what they do before equipping them
-Made the Golem bigger and face the player when entering that room (more Golem updates will be in the Prologue)
-Fixed some scaling issues with Void Debuffs. Void is now quite a bit more consistent as a primary dps element

That should be everything! Let me know what you think and enjoy playing!