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Overrun Survivors » Land of the Crescent: Games from Turkey!

Hello everyone,

Overrun Survivors will be part of the “Land of the Crescent: Games from Turkey” Steam event between 17-20 August. Our game will be 30% off during the event.

About the event:

“Land of the Crescent: Games from Turkey” aims to celebrate the versatility and hard work of Turkey’s video game development community over the last decades. From heavy hitters like “Mount & Blade” to indie surprises like “Pile Up!”, we will be curating a fine selection of games to portray the variety of the Turkish game development scene while introducing all kinds of unique titles to the global Steam community.

Taking its visual themes from Anatolian folklore and Ottoman miniature blended with pop culture, “Land of the Crescent” will involve live panels with pioneers of the Turkish game development scene, Let’s Plays and post mortem talks, presented all in English. “Land of the Crescent” aims to give due credit to the brave explorers who fought to flourish the PC game ecosystem of Turkey, illuminating the path for many others to follow.

P.S: We are also working on new updates. Thank you for your patience and support.