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Rogue Legacy » Lament of Zors Update – v1.5

Hey all,

The quintessential Rogue Legacy modder, default0, has dropped a nice surprise for everyone stuck at home. The Lament of Zors, the unofficial Rogue Legacy mod that is officially playable, has updated to v1.5. Check out the changes below:

  • New areas are easier to access and more streamlined.
  • Minor fixes and adjustments to room layouts.
  • A number of fixes to improve stability.
  • Adjustments to several room layouts.
  • Alexander IV fight has been nerfed.
  • Added a configuration file for game customization

If you haven’t had a chance to try out the mod, there’s no time better than now! It’s as simple as choosing to launch the mod when running the game.

Please note, because the mod is unofficial, we are unfortunately unable to provide support for issues encountered with the game. However, feel free to check out our discord channel and chat with the creator himself.