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Sue Shi Survival » Kuro and Shiro Update + Balance Changes!

The newest character is here, a pair of twins called Kuro and Shiro! Use their ability to swap between the two, utilizing their unique bonuses and their ability to wield different weapons in order to adapt to any situation!

Additionally, we have a large list of balance changes today, primarily buffs aimed at helping bring some of the weaker upgrades on par with the rest, allowing for greater build diversity.


  • Summoned Eels now gain 20% more damage with each rank
  • Summoned Sardines now gain 20% more damage with each rank
  • Summoned Flying Fish now spawn 10 seconds faster initially and spawn 3 seconds faster with each rank
  • Summoned Sea Urchins gains 20% more damage each rank
  • Summoned Dogfish gains 20% more damage each rank
  • Summoned Sea Slug no longer has a cooldown, occuring every roll. Damage and slow increased each rank.


  • Movespeed bonus from rank 4 Hard Hat increased from 3 -> 5 seconds


  • Watering Can now only waters up to 4 seeds, chosen randomly


  • Bonuses from Yin and Yang increased to +20% per rank

Ki Charge

  • Attack Speed from Ki Jab increased by 5% each rank


  • Increased base Metal Fragment drop rate, reduced drop rate increase from evolved upgrades
  • Sprinkler now waters 2 seeds at base, increasing by 2 each rank
  • Crystal Cannons now fire +1 Crystals at max rank


  • Backstab crit increase raised from 20% -> 40%, max rank Roll Cooldown increased 10% -> 15%
  • Precise strike damage increased from +40% at rank 1 and 3 to +50%, max rank Roll Cooldown increased 10% -> 15%
  • Changed Opportune Strikes max rank +25% Crit Damage to +15% Roll Cooldown
  • Doubled the EXP and Metal Fragments received when Stealing with Pickpocket


  • Virus slow increased 30 -> 33%, Virus Damage Reduction increased 30% -> 66%
  • Self-Upgrading Robot damage and swingspeed per floor increased 50%->60%, Reach and Arc increased 25%->30%


  • Spectral Barrier default size increased by 50%
  • Spectral Shuriken fly faster and spawn 2 seconds more often


  • Vital Trade hp cost reduced 50% -> 25%, crit chance remains 50%
  • Starving Wound heal from boss kill increased 60 -> 75

We hope you’ve been enjoying Sue Shi Survival! This will be the last main patch of Early Access as we start gearing up for full release. The next big update should include multiple characters, upgrade sets, and new gameplay features, so look forward to it! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you encounter any issues or have any feedback, and if you’ve been enjoying the game perhaps consider leaving a review, it helps a lot. Have fun!