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Kritter » Kritter SHMUP Fest Update (v0.7.5)

Hello there!
This is a big week for us and we have many things to tell you!

The Steam SHMUP Fest

We are participating in Steam SHMUP Fest and for the occasion we updated the Kritter Demo.

We will tell you more about it in the Patch Note at the end of this post but you should know that we tried new things for the version. Palyers are now starting with the Tracker and to add more fun to the game, we started to add some skill modifiers.

Kritters can now upgrade their weapons with Combustion and Cryo damages.
We are already working on other elemental damages: Electricity and Radiation. We took the liberty to change the traditional Fire/Frost/Lightning/Poison names to something closer to our robotic universe.

What are we working on?

As we previously said, we are working on skill modifiers, but that’s not all.

We worked in anticipation of the Kickstarter campaign results and started to work on Structure Building.
This is a HUGE workload for an amazing feature but we already have a prototype!!!

We can’t wait to show you more about it in a next update.

Last days to support us on Kickstarter

An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who contributed! Because of you we reached our main objective in just a week!

But this is not over.
The Kickstarter campaign will be up until this Friday and it’s still possible to reach another stretch goal.

If you want to help or just take a look, follow that link 🙂 ->

The v0.7.5 Patch Note

Now, let’s take a deeper look into what we included in that new demo version.


  • After finishing the demo, it was not possible to continue playing, it’s now fixed!
  • The player now starts the game as a Kritter and will have to unlock the Defender
  • The Defender’s Technique now go 20% further and the Defender starts with 2 Dash charges
  • A “Shop Open” sign now indicates when you can go to Mark between waves to check out the Shop
  • In solo mode, the timer is now stoped during the Reward Screen after clearing a wave
  • Platform camps are now placed in order to facilitate their navigation on keyboard


  • The dash can now fo through enemies and some elements
  • New skill modifiers ! You can now add Combustion or Cryo damages to your skills
    — Combustion adds direct damages and damages dealt over time on the target (on Attack, Technique and Dash)
    — Cryo adds direct damages and slow the target (on Attack, Technique and Dash)
  • New skill modifiers that can be obtained as a wave reward :
    — Combustion and Cryo Attack / Technique / Dash
    — Luck Boost
    — Critical chances Boost
    — An additional shield for the Kritter
  • The telegraph of long range gunners is now perfectly centered on its target
  • Projectiles now disapear if their source is killed
  • Tornadoes launched by mages now disapear if they hit the player
  • The boss now had 40k Health points (insteand of 15k)


  • Enemies telegraphs were not appearing for players other than the host. Now it works!


  • The Shield points for the Kritter and Mark are now displayed separatly from the Health points
  • Dialogs position have been adjusted
  • Country flags on Mark are fixed and change when you change the language in the settings


  • The Post Processing on intro is now working

Thank you again for your support and I hope you will have the best fun playing Kritter!