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Kritter » Kritter on Bullet Heaven Fest and Demo Update

Hello Kritters!

We are so excited to be part of the Bullet Heaven Fest from November 06 to 20. The perfect opportunity for us to update the Demo to its 0.7.6 version and bring you new features and content.

But before I tell you more about it, you can check the event page right here

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our Stream on the event page and Kritter Steam page, Tom is doing a nice presentation of the game 🙂

What’s new in Kritter Demo 0.7.6?

The first thing you will notice is that the game changed a bit visually. We removed the grass we had everywhere because it impared the visibility of the game. Instead we started adding more low polly elements. The work is clearly not over on that matter but it’s a first take on having a smoother and nicer environment.

The second big change is about the game loop. While we are still working on the structure building part, we also had to prepare things before that. We heard the many feedbacks from players about the fact that the successives defense and exploration phases were stressful and that a time to breath would be much appreciated.

So we decided to introduce a new phase in the game loop, the Safety Phase. When you clear an enemy wave, M.Ark will teleport you close to him and a will spawn a Temporal Bubble. Inside this bubble, time stops and you can stay in it as long as you want to catch your breath, do some shopping and in the future, build structures around your base. When you leave the bubble, it will burst and time will resume its course. At that moment a new timer will show you when the next wave will arrive and how much time you have to explore the world.

Let us know on our Discord what you think of those changes!

Patch Note 0.7.6

  • Temporal Bubble : A whole new phase to rest after a wave and before starting a new exploration.
  • Visual rework of the first biome
  • Rework of the enemy waves : more enemies with a bit less health
  • Improved hit feedbacks on enemies and the player

  • We reduced the values of the Kritter Shield reward, because it was clearly too OP
  • Bug : It was possible to dash on top of things

  • Rework of the wave UI to show the timer only during exploration
  • Added an info panel during the Safety Phase to explain how the Temporal Bubble works
  • Health bars are smaller and disappear after a few seconds with no activity
  • We removed all the Kickstarter buttons as the campaign is over (thanks again everyone!)

  • Bug : Fixed music bugs when starting a camp during a wave
  • Bug : Multiple SFX at the same time should not be too loud now

Thanks everyone!
We can’t wait to show you more but you will have to be patient 😀