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Kritter » Kritter Demo Update v0.7.4

Hey there!

I hope you are doing well! This is a little but really cool update fo the Kritter Demo.

What’s coming next?

Before telling you more about the update, I’m really glad to say that after spending weeks to adjust and polish the demo, we are now on track to develop amazing new things, such as the second biome, new enemies AND skill modifications. Oh boy that’s gonna be so fun.

We recently gained visibilty and all those recent wishlist gave us so much energy. Thank you so much to all of you for supporting our work ❤️

As some of you may now, we are a team of two and none of us is an 2D artist. We worked with an amazing artist for our Steam Capsule and would love to work more with him to design more enemies and cool concepts for the game. In order to do so, we will start a Kickstarter campaign in a few weeks so we can fund it as well as some of the great features to come.

For now you can follow our Kickstarter page to get notified when the campaign launches :

Oh and we released a new trailer. Go check it out and tell us what you think !

What’s up in this update?

We had a lot of feedback about the fact that the english version was far from good due to two problems. The english narration was unnecessarly vulgar and the subtitles were not well synced. About that, I’d like to thank the many players for pointing out those issues.
So we changed some lines of the narration and reworked the subtitle system and now, it’s all way better.

We also had a new load of players trying the multiplayer and a blocking bug emerged about opening a reward chest while a team mate was doing something in another UI, like another reward screen or the shop screen. This was our top priority to fix and we had multiple way of doing it. We chose to edit the reward chests behaviour to enforce the cooperation. Now you won’t have the reward screen opening from a chest opened by a team mate. If you want the reward, you have to open the chest yourself. Everyone still gets a reward, but everyone has to move to the chest and open it to get it.

⭐ Patch Note Kritter v0.7.4 ⭐
  • English narration adjusted to avoid unnecessary vulgarities
  • English subtitles now correctly synced
  • Camp treasures now give a reward only to the player opening it. Chests have a reward for everyone.
  • New Kritter logo on Start Screen (Tell us if you like it!)
  • Added a sound on hovering start screen button -> That’s a test, do you like it?
  • Ambiant musics start at random timing so you won’t always here the same thing
  • Marks Shield now start at 50 health points (previously 25)
  • Fix a bug were the tips from the loading screen could change while reading it
  • Fix a bug were a Utility Skill charge could be lost when leveling up the skill

Thanks everyone for playing the demo! You are clearly making the game better by doing so 🧡