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Kritter » Kritter Demo Update v0.7.2

Hey everyone!

Before showing you the entire change log, which is clearly not the most interesting read in the world, I would like to thank everyone who played the demo so far. You gave me invaluable feedback to improve the game and its player experience. ❤️

We are a tiny team of two, a dev and a musician (we are looking for a 3d ninja by the way) and making a multiplayer game is super hard. With your help though, it’s starting to look really good 🙂
Don’t hesitate to join our Discord to meet us and give us your feedback.
That being said, you’ll be happy to know that I fixed a ton of multiplayer bugs and I would love to get your feedback about it!

Also, Kritter won its first award (but its not official yet so shhhhh 🤫 ) and we got featured in a Kotaku article. We are so proud of it and it gave us so much energy to reach new milestones 🔥

If you like our work and would like to help, well, you are an amazing human being and you could support us on Kickstarter . The campaign will start in a few weeks but you can already follow the projet 😊

Before the full change log, here are some key features in this update:

  • A new Boss Fight
  • Working multiplayer
  • Wide screen support
  • New settings
  • Improved UI and feedbacks
  • Full rebalance of everything (roles / enemies / waves / skills / items …)

And now the

⭐ Patch Note Kritter v0.7.2 ⭐

  • Some people had motion sickness due to camera movements. We added some settings and it Is now possible to disable camera shakes as well as camera wobbles.
  • Skipping dialogs is now binded on Q (keyboard) and X (Xbox pad) / square (PS pad). You should not skip by mistake anymore
  • Its now possible to limit the FPS of the game up to 150. You graphics card will like it (we set it to 120 by default)
  • The game now support wide screens
  • Some tips have been added to the loading screen
  • Tutorial : Mark now tells you to be carefull before the first wave attack and suggest to you to explore the map after surviving it. Also we fixed a bug where you could lock the entire game during the tutorial. No biggy.
  • The wave timer is now paused during the first lieutenant cut scene

  • New beautiful water shader
  • The arena is a bit more in the north to avoid some monsters to pop in the arena doorsteps
  • A bit more environment details

  • Mark will now tell you when he is hit. We added some visual and sound effects + a blink on the UI so you don’t miss it
  • Boss reworked : He is way more deadly, has a real boss healthbar, has phases and a ton more health
  • Engineer reworked and rebalanced. Its heavy skill doesn’t jump in a weird direction anymore
  • Your utility skill (landmine / turret / scarecrow) is now build in the opposite direction of your movement, so you never get blocked by it
  • It’s not possible to knockback the boss and the lieutenants anymore
  • All the waves have been rebalanced
  • Fix a bug where the attack of the player wasn’t stopped when opening a UI or leaving the run

  • The resurection is now fully working
  • Fix a possible softlock when all players died
  • Fix camp music that didn’t stop for client player
  • Fix a bug where some crystals were not picked by players
  • Fix a bug were items UI wouldn’t close when another player picked the item

  • Rework of the dialogs UI with an avatar and the name of the entity talking
  • The color of the healthbars are more coherent and are the same as the corresponding health potion
  • Added a tiny indicator of the level of the skills
  • You can now leave the pause with de back button on gamepad
  • You can now show / hide the player healthbar in the scene
  • Fix a bug where the items details popup had the wrong background color. Same for the shop.

  • Added a compressor to avoid some sound to be too loud
  • Fix a bug were the music camp didn’t stop after losing camp aggro

  • On keyboard, you can now dash with the spacebar
  • Fix the Kritter in the pod that didn’t have to same color as the player
  • Full rework of the settings and they now save properly
  • Fix a bug where exiting the pause would restart voices
  • Mark’s shop discounts now work correclty

Thanks for playing Kritter, see you soon!