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Ember Knights » Knights Reforged Update

Hello Knights!

We’re back with Update 1.2 – Knights Reforged! This massive update is easily in the top 2 or 3 for biggest updates ever! Take a look below for what this huge update includes!
Also, be sure to check out the very bottom of the patch notes to see the exciting news for 2024!

Weapon Mods

We wanted this update to be focused on strengthening existing systems to better fit our design intentions and we started with Weapon Mods. This huge overhaul involves replacing 28 mods with brand new ones, improving a bunch of existing mods, and adding new Ultimate Mods!

Ember Blade

We introduced some new mods to help provide broader access to early synergies and we also gave the Ember Blade a new charge attack.

Guardian Bow

Through community feedback and data analysis, we learned that the charge attack wasn’t getting used as often as we had intended. To help make charging the Guardian Bow more viable, we improved its functionality as well as introduce some new mods to help promote the playstyle.

Nexal Staff

The Nexal Staff received some of the biggest changes. While we felt like it was already performing quite well, we also felt like the mods could be doing more to play into the “skill use” aspect of the weapon. To achieve this, we added mods that help increase skill damage as well as scale the Orbs damage based on your skill damage %.

Rift Hammer

With the Rift Hammer, we wanted to make improvements to help promote damage and survivability and we did that by introducing mods, Heavy Blow and Defensive Stance.
We improved Leap which can be found under its new name, Combat Slam. Now, you’ll be able to control the length and landing position of the leap.
We also added Volcanic Rift, similar to its predecessor Fissure but now with a larger range and fiery AOE.

Razor Wind

Through community feedback, we learned that a lot of the original mods, while unique, were not as useful as we had intended. For the Razor Wind changes, we decided to move away from manipulation and focus more on how players were already using it with increased functionality for normal and charged attacks.

Reaper’s Toll

The largest of the mod overhauls, many of the original mods for Reaper’s Toll leaned towards isolated effects rather than synergizing with other effects.
We’ve now focused on the charge attack, ammo, and “Slashed” status to refine the weapon’s identity.

Ultimate Mods

We’ve also added a new Ultimate Mod for each weapon which becomes available when all other mods for that weapon are unlocked. This is a free mod that can be activated without needing to choose between other mods. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Ember Tree

It was also time to improve the Ember Tree and for that, we updated almost every upgrade option as well as add a bunch of new and interesting choices!

Also, check out the brand new completion sequence!

New Relics

Next, we looked at the pool of relics to see how we could push stronger build synergies, especially with Wisps. We also introduced the concept of Perfect Rooms and Perfect Bosses; rooms cleared without taking any damage.
To this end, we added a bunch of new relics including the DEMONS Mode Community Contest Relic which was designed in collaboration with Tfeh for being the one and only person to complete the DEMONS challenge. A huge congratulations to him for an absolutely epic run!

So much more!

This is a massive update so keep reading for the full list of additions and improvements but before you scroll down to see the complete list, please consider voting for us in the upcoming Steam Awards! We’d be extremely honored to receive your vote for the Better with Friends award.

Complete Patch Notes

Note: items marked with 🔥 are a result of player feedback.

New Content and Features
Weapon Mods
  • Overhauled the entire mod system 🔥
  • Added a new Ultimate Mod for each weapon 🔥
    • Ember Blade
      • Honed – No change
      • Spark – No change
      • Stagger (NEW) – Your first weapon hit on an enemy has a chance to stun
      • Flurry (NEW) – Gain a charge attack where you unleash a flurry of rapid attacks
      • Whirlwind – No change
      • Lunge – No change
      • Momentum – No change
      • Smite (NEW) – Whenever you stun an enemy, your next attack will unleash a lightning bolt
      • Pyrostrike (NEW) – Whenever you crit an enemy, you also burn that enemy
      • Spin Attack [Ultimate] (NEW) – Your 3rd attack is a spin attack
    • Guardian Bow
      • Rapid Shot – No change
      • Spread Shot – No change
      • Opportunist (NEW) – Your charge attack deals bonus damage to enemies afflicted by status ailments
      • Ricochet (NEW) – Your charge attacks will ricochet to additional enemies
      • Volley – No change
      • Perfectionist (NEW) – Chaining perfect charge attacks adds additional arrows
      • Marked Shot – No change
      • Explosive Arrows – No change
      • Invigorate (NEW) – Whenever you defeat an enemy, increase your attack speed
      • Empowered Arrows [Ultimate] (NEW)– Perfect weapon attacks empower your next chain attacks
    • Nexal Staff
      • Luminescence – No change
      • Overflow (NEW) – Your charge attack damages in a circle instead of a cone
      • Magic Orbs (NEW) – Shoot 2 seeking orbs when a skill gains a charge
      • Spell Siphon (NEW) – Defeating enemies with your charge attack increases the skill damage of your next skill use
      • Focus (NEW) – The refresh count of your skills is lowered
      • Auto Orbs – No change
      • Imbuement (NEW) – Whenever you use a skill, your weapon gains temporary skill damage
      • Wisdom – No change
      • Clairvoyance – No change
      • Arcane Mastery [Ultimate] (NEW) – Upgrades Arcane Orbs to Quasar Orbs
    • Rift Hammer
      • Heavy Blow (NEW) – Your first weapon hit on an enemy deals a percentage of your max HP as damage
      • Defensive Stance (NEW) – You gain damage reduction while charging
      • Knock Out – No change
      • Unstable Rift – No change
      • Combat Slam (NEW) – When charged, your 3rd attack becomes a leap attack
      • Volcanic Rift (NEW) – Your 3rd charge attack leaves a trail of fire
      • Safeguard – No change
      • Battle Rhythm (NEW) – Killing an enemy grants an orbiting hammer. Your 3rd attack launches the hammers forward
      • Detonate – No change
      • Overcharge [Ultimate] (NEW) – Adds overcharge to all attacks
    • Razor Wind
      • Dual Strike (NEW) – Your 3rd attack hits twice
      • Live Wire – No change
      • Hefty – No change
      • Proficiency – No change
      • Persistence (NEW) – Your 3rd attack leaves a projectile
      • Precision (NEW) – Your charge attack tipper hits twice
      • Empowered – No change
      • Serrated – No change
      • Sharpened (NEW) – Your charge attack tipper has an extra chance to crit
      • Burgeoning [Ultimate] (NEW) – Whenever your charge attack hits an enemy, its size increases temporarily
    • Reaper’s Toll
      • Lacerate (NEW) – Slashed enemies take bonus damage from weapon attacks
      • Summoner – No change
      • Hidden Blade (NEW) – Start with Cloak and Dagger skill
      • Shroud – No change
      • Necromancy (NEW) – Whenever you defeat a slashed enemy, summon a Wisp
      • Piercing Slash (NEW) – Slash projectiles pierce through enemies
      • Refill – No change
      • Split Slash (NEW) – Cast multiple slash projectiles simultaneously
      • Phantasm (NEW) – Your slash projectiles conjure ghosts when fired
      • Reserve [Ultimate] (NEW) – Gain an additional ammo
Ember Tree
  • Added a new sequence and legendary relic reward for completing the Ember Tree
  • Overhauled the entire Ember Tree 🔥
    • Slot 1 – Health
      • Thick Skin (Updated) – Adjusted values
      • Regeneration (Updated) – You heal after entering any room
      • Earned Vitality (Updated) – Gain max HP after defeating a Boss or half after defeating a Miniboss
    • Slot 2 – Damage Modifiers
      • Slayer (Updated) – Adjusted values
      • Giant Slayer (Updated) – Adjusted values
      • Earned Power (Updated) – Adjusted values
    • Slot 3 – Gold
      • Pocket Change (Updated) – Adjusted values
      • Easy Money – No change
      • Dividend (Updated) – Gain bonus gold when you enter a room until you make a Shop purchase
    • Slot 4 – Situational Damage
      • Warm Welcome (NEW) – You gain bonus damage for the first number of rooms of a new world
      • Confidence – No change
      • Fury – No change
    • Slot 5 – Revive
      • Soul Link (Updated) – Adjusted to be unique revives per person
      • Second Wind – No change
      • Guardian Angel (NEW) – Once per world, if you would die, gain a protective shield that prevents damage and heals
    • Slot 6 – Relics
      • Relic Dice – No change
      • Treasure Hunter (NEW) – Epic and legendary relics have a greater chance to appear
      • Keen Eye (NEW) – Bosses have an increased chance to drop a relic
    • Slot 7 – Skills
      • Skill Dice (Updated) – Adjusted values
      • Deep Knowledge (NEW) – Your first skill chosen gains an additional charge
      • Expertise (NEW) – Perfect skills deal bonus damage
    • Slot 8 – Stats
      • Bonus Gems (NEW) – Bosses and minibosses have a chance to drop a bonus gem
      • Refinery (NEW) – Your first stat gem in each world gives double gems
      • Perfection (NEW) – Defeating a boss without taking damage drops a bonus large stat gem
    • Slot 9 – Wildcard (Options)
      • Expansion (Updated) – Renamed Expanded Relic Selector
      • Fortunate (NEW) – Stat selectors have a chance to have a double gem
      • Lucky Offering (NEW) – Offering Pits have a chance to give a bonus item
    • Slot 10 – Wildcard (Super)
      • Bonus Relic (Updated) – Renamed Extra Starting Relic
      • Super Reroll (NEW) – You gain a super reroll that can reroll and restock any selector and adds an additional option
      • Ultembera (NEW) – When you are at full HP, your weapon attacks also shoot a short range energy projectile
New Relics
  • Added 17 new relics
    • Eye of the Storm [DEMONS Mode Community Contest Relic] 🔥 – Your 3rd attack unleashes the power of the Razor Wind
    • Ember Seed – Whenever your HP drops below a certain amount, root all enemies dealing damage over time and healing you for each enemy rooted
    • Creature’s Bond – Whenever you use a skill, increase Wisp damage
    • Confined Fury – Your Wisps deal more damage
    • Warlock’s Grip – Gain bonus damage for each Wisp you have
    • Frost Pact – Whenever you defeat a frozen enemy, summon a Frost Wisp
    • Charged Trinket – Whenever you conjure a lightning bolt, you have a chance to summon a Lightning Wisp
    • Pristine Band – Whenever you perfectly complete a room, increase your max HP
    • Flawless Brace – Whenever you perfectly complete a room, gain damage in the next combat room
    • Absolute Ambition – Whenever you perfectly complete a room, permanently increase skill damage
    • Spark Ring – Lightning damage increased
    • Shocking Revelation – Whenever you refresh a skill, conjure a lightning bolt
    • Recovery Ring – Whenever you enter a new room, you heal
    • Black Ice – Freeze damage increased
    • Lethal Venom – Poison damage increased
    • Impure Pestilence – Enemies can be afflicted with an additional stack of poison
    • Cryo Freeze – Enemies are frozen longer
Nexus Boss Trophies
  • When you defeat a boss, you’ll find a special new monument to that victory in the Nexus
  • Beat the boss without taking damage to achieve a perfect victory version
  • Interact with the trophy for a world-specific effect
Wightsbury Updating
  • Wights – Added a new type of ghostly trap that may appear
  • Rare Chests – Added a new chest type to increase rewards
  • Enemy behaviors – Updated behaviors for all enemies
    • Pox Rat
      • Changed cone attack to lobbing poison projectiles
      • When festering (turning purple), it fires 3 poison projectiles and gains increased move speed, attack speed and max HP, and leaves a poison puddle upon dying
    • Craven
      • No longer remains stuck in the ground and explodes when contacting the player
      • Adjusted attack anticipation for the dive attack
    • Condemned
      • Daggers no longer remain stuck in the ground after the downward strike attack
    • Condemned Elite
      • Daggers no longer remain stuck in the ground after the downward strike attack
      • Adjusted attack anticipation for the dagger throwing attack. *Daggers now debuff the player, increasing damage taken by 25% for 5s
      • Throws a whirlwind of daggers when HP drops below 20%
    • Weald Wolf
      • Updated to jump across pits
      • Swipe attack has a 25% chance to attack again in the opposite direction
      • New chase attack that targeted player is rushed with 50% increased move speed. *Will jump to its target, if needed
      • Will become enraged and stun is removed when HP drops below 80%. *While enraged, it gains 50% move speed, 25% attack speed, and 25% damage
    • The Forlorn
      • Can now teleport across pits
    • The Forlorn Elite
      • Can now teleport across pits
      • Removed invincibility from the floating laser attack
  • Secret Interactable – For those who wished, we added a new interactable
Anville Updating
  • Relic Refinement – A new shop and item for upgrading relics
  • Player Buff – Added a new interactable that buffs the player by summoning lightning bolts on subsequent weapon and skill attacks
  • Trap Rework – Replaced the existing supercharge trap with a new one. No more electrical lines between traps!
  • Enemy behaviors – Updated behaviors for the following enemies
    • Supercharge Buff
      • New visuals to better indicate the enemy is supercharged
      • Supercharged enemies no longer spawn Voltes upon death
      • Supercharged enemies gain 50% move speed, 25% damage, and 25% HP
    • Welder
      • Added attack indicator for its melee slam attack
    • Defense Bot
      • Added slight tracking to the projectile
      • Updated to support movement during the seeking projectile attack
    • Scrap Chief Mack (and variants)
      • Added attack indicator for the charging phase of the electric chase attack
    • Overlord Mack
      • Overhauled the boss fight with new gear and new attacks
  • Visual Improvements – Updated the tilemap to improve visual clarity
  • Offering Pit Healing – Removed healing items from the Offering Pit
Balancing & Fixes

In addition to the new content and features, we’ve also made the following changes and fixes:

  • Adjusted/reworked 14 relics
  • Added an internal cooldown feature to some relics
    • Spell in a Bottle
      • Changed rarity to common
      • Changed to, whenever a skill refreshes fully, shoot a seeking missile that does base damage and skill damage
    • Archangel’s Scythe
      • Changed rarity to common
      • Changed to flat damage
    • Magic Tome
      • Changed rarity to common
      • Changed to skill damage
    • Wizard’s Fleece
      • Max armor + 5
      • Gain 3% skill damage for each armor
    • Toxic Bangle
      • Changed rarity to epic
    • Infernal Scale
      • Changed to show the constant amount instead of a %
    • Decayed Scepter
      • Added skill damage
    • Kindleblade
      • Changed from spawning a random Wisp to a Fire Wisp
    • Doom Shell
      • Changed functionality to, when the player rolls, they turn into a spinning shell and deal AOE damage along their travel path
      • Bonus damage for each armor
      • Added internal cooldown
    • Glacial Necklace
      • Changed rarity to common
      • Max owned 4
      • Added internal cooldown
    • Shock Troop
      • Changed to, whenever you defeat an enemy with lightning, summon a Lightning Wisp
      • Added internal cooldown
    • Call to Arms
      • Changed from first use in a room to casting a perfect skill
      • Added internal cooldown
    • Bruma’s Ring
      • Changed from first kill to every kill
      • Added internal cooldown
    • Barrier Pendant
      • Added internal cooldown
  • Separated champion enemies from their champion rooms so they can now appear anywhere
  • Updated skill damage numbers (cast, charged, perfect) to be displayed in all instances where skills are referenced 🔥
  • Added the concept of Perfect Rooms and Perfect Bosses; rooms cleared without taking any damage
  • Updated the player HUD to show the Knight color and armor 🔥
  • Various localization improvements 🔥
  • Fixed a bug that was interrupting the Netherra music with room-specific tracks
2024 Roadmap!

Before we sign off, take a look at what we have planned for 2024!

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