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Kingdom » Kingdom: Classic Giveaway on Steam Today Only!

You already own Kingdom: Classic if you’re reading this message but what about your friends? Your spouse? Your DOG?!

Do THEY own Kingdom: Classic? If not now is the perfect time to fill them in on this game as we’re giving it away for free! Anyone and everyone can grab Kingdom: Classic in the next 24 hours for the price of $0.

After the giveaway ends, we’ll be selling Kingdom: Classic on its own! That way, folks can experience Kingdom but not spend as much as they would picking up Kingdom: New Lands. If someone who owns Classic on Steam wants to upgrade to New Lands though, we have 25% discount set up so they can save a few gold coins in the process. A gold coin saved is a gold coin spent at an archer statue to defend yourself from hordes of greedy creatures.

This discount applies to anyone who received Kingdom: Classic during the giveaway. And if you buy both New Lands and Classic together at the same time then it comes out to $14.99, same as what we have it bundled for now. Huzzah!

P.S. Did you see the new Skull Island DLC we just added to Kingdom: New Lands? It’s adds a 6th island that is hard AF and that too is a free all you wonderful Kingdom players.

UPDATE: THE 24 HOURS ARE UP! The giveaway is over but you can still pick up Kingdom: Classic for just $4.99!