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Kingdom » Kingdom 4th Anniversary Competition and Livestream

The Kingdom series is celebrating its 4th anniversary on October 21st! It all started with Thomas van den Berg wanting to learn animation. His first goal: animate a horse. From this task spawned new goals, such as putting somebody on top of the horse, and giving them things to do and interact with. The person became a monarch. The land became populated with people, one thing kept leading to another, and soon Kingdom was born.

Since it’s inception, the Kingdom series has grown beyond our wildest imagination with over 6 million units across multiple games and platforms. And this is only the beginning, for the path ahead, just like the sheen of a monarch’s crown, is a bright one! Game Director Gordon Van Dyke has grand, or dare we say even royal plans for the series.

Join Gordon and us on October 21st at 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CEST / 9:00AM PDT for a celebration of the past and the future of Kingdom with a livestream at and on the Steam page for Kingdom Two Crowns.

We want to hear from you!

The Kingdom series has touched many players and made them become true monarchs. Do you have a personal story, fond memory or funny moment of Kingdom that you want to share? The stories that are read up during the livestream will be rewarded with a Dire Wolf or Griffin t-shirt! And be sure to tune in, there will be other giveaways during the stream.


New Steam Library covers

To commemorate the 4th anniversary we have created new covers tailored for the new
Steam Library. To exchange the standard artwork for the custom cover: right-click the game in your library and select Manage followed by Set custom artwork.

Click on the thumbnails below to get the full-size cover for download.

4th Anniversary Sale

Not yet a monarch or missing a game in the collection? Here’s your chance to swoop up Kingdom with a celebratory discount starting October 21.