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Attack of the Karens » Keeping Things Rolling To Release

Hey KDF!

We’re getting SO close to release I can almost taste it!

We had an awesome Dreamhack event and one lucky person walked away with a key for the game! It was TONS of fun to stream and talk with everyone, and I hope to do more streams as launch gets closer and even after we launch the game.

Speaking of launch we’re only 28 days away from the game being released. This is crazy to think my small little shmup project is almost launching as a commercial game. Thanks so much everyone for following the game and supporting it, it means the world!

Some huge news for the final release:

  • I’ve added a system of Kurses and Kushions! This mechanic allows you to “tweak” the game with several modifiers at the K-Scan screen between runs! It’s a fun way to try new challenges, unique gameplay twists, and make the game easier for those who want to get farther but are hitting that “shmup wall”.
  • A module cannon has been added to the game! For 250 modules, you can buy an awesome cannon that uses modules as ammo! It fires in three streams and after hitting an enemy and exploding, leaves behind an electric field in it’s wake that damages any enemies coming into it.
  • Many more bug fixes and balances have been made to the game, and of course some POLISH!

THE GAME IS NEARLY DONE!! I can’t wait to celebrate with you all! It’s going to be launching September 25th and will have a 10% discount on launch, so don’t miss it! It’s coming right at the start of Shmup fest.

I’m looking forward to chatting with all of you about the full game after release in the discord server, or right here in this community!

Until then, Happy Karen Crushing!