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Kagura Survivors: Endless Night (nsfw) » Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Patch Notes

Kagura Survivors “Nice!” Update – New Features, Fixes, and More!

Greetings, Kagura Survivors!

First and foremost, we want to acknowledge that Kagura Survivors: Endless Night had a rocky start, but we are thrilled to see that our hard work with the recent updates has been well-received. Thank you! Your support means everything to us, and we’re excited to keep making cool things for all of you to enjoy!

Today, we’re introducing the “Nice!” update, which brings many new features, fixes, and optimizations. Let’s dive into the highlights!

New Additions

Reroll! – A game-changer to keep things fresh
Revive! – Get back in the game after a defeat
Do Over! – Change the outcome of your run

Notable Fixes and Reworks

  • Fixed various UI, balancing, and performance issues
  • Revamped Modifier and Ability systems for better clarity and balance
  • Chest Difficulty rework ensures challenging moments in each round
  • Extended Ability Stash adds 2 extra slots for your abilities with a spin
  • Increased invincibility frames when dashing for improved gameplay

This patch addresses existing issues, optimizes performance, and introduces some new features:

  • Further fixes and reworks for Modifiers, Pickups, and Abilities
  • Main Menu and Enemy Tile-Sheet optimizations
  • Stage 1 Health increase for the Last Gnome Boss Type
  • Reworked End-of-Stage gold acquired display

Once again, thank you for your support and enthusiasm for Kagura Survivors. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

Happy gaming!

Kagura Survivors “Nice!”


  • Reroll! has been added
  • Revive! has been added
  • Do Over! has been added

Patch Notes

  • FIX: Modifiers Life Leech, Thump, Add Fire, Double Take, Just Go Down, Clean Reset and Reap Rewards now properly show up in the Level Up and Pickup Pool.
  • FIX: Pickups and Abilities now try to check against collision to avoid dropping in them.
  • FIX: Infinite Dash Bug
  • FIX: Words now wrap on Level-Up Menu
  • FIX: Double Take Modifier cooldown and trigger
  • REWORK: Basic sorting algorithm to favor bought & higher max level items
  • REWORK: Discovered items found from chests now display on mini map
  • OPTIMIZATION: Main Menu background videos now stop when stage select is entered.
  • FIX: Slimes now hit you with the right distance.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Stacked Enemy Tile-Sheets to increase shader performance.
  • REWORK: Increased invincibility frames when dashing
  • NEW: Extended Ability Stash added with 2 extra slots. If all slots are full, newly added abilities from chests are now placed in separate slots.
  • REWORK: You can now carry 6 Modifiers per ability!
  • REWORK: Chest Difficulty! Chests become more difficult throughout each round.
  • NEW: Reroll!
  • NEW: Revive!
  • NEW: Do Over!
  • FIX: Elite Goblin Gallery Item now properly drops in Stage 2
  • FIX: Stage 1 Health Increased for Last Gnome Boss Type

Known Issues:

  • UI loses mouse focus at certain points in game
  • Ultimate end frames hide character 100%
  • ALL passives value descriptions are off the mark in the shop RNG? DMG?
  • How do modifiers affect any type of ability? make it clear.
  • Stage 2 has some fps / performance drops
  • FPS settings are not getting saved properly

Planned for:

  • Controller Support!
  • Optimization!
  • VFX Improvements
  • REWORK: End of stage now shows gold acquired
  • RESEARCH: Shop Refund