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Kagura Survivors: Endless Night (nsfw) » Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Tip: Current modes like hyper mode and difficulty multiplier are unlocked through playtime.
Explanation: Highscore applies only when you beat the stage.

  • New: 8 New Achievements added
  • New: Difficulty Modifier System added
  • Fix: Bosses in stage 2 now spawn chests
  • Fix: Collider issues in Stages 1 & 3
  • Fix: Dialogue is now closing properly
  • Fix: Enemy Spawn System
  • Rework: Enemies now slightly push each other towards the player.
  • Rework: Stage 1 Water areas with Stones on them are now walkable
  • New: Hyper Mode
  • Fix: Key Remapping
  • Fix: Dash no longer cancels Hotdog Heal
  • Fix: Enemies no longer show up on the minimap
  • Fix: Increased Lightning Barrage effectiveness
  • Fix: Enemies now properly get knocked back
  • Rework: Increased performance by removing unnecessary engine features
  • Fix: Set enemies to not show in the minimap
  • Balance: Early orcs from stage 2 appear later in the round
  • Fix: Minor fixes to tab and ESC buttons conflicts
  • Fix: White/empty sprite texture in dialogue animation are now gone
  • Rework: Ability and Modifier Icons now load reliably into inventory slots

Known Issues:
  • UI loses mouse focus at certain points in the game
  • It’s too easy to lose ALL style ranks (need derank CDR)
  • Some pickups are duplicated over time, revealing a secondary pickup that doesn’t do anything
  • Ultimate end frames hide characters 100%
  • ALL passives value descriptions are off the mark in the shop RNG? DMG?
  • How do modifiers affect any ability? Make it clear.
  • White frames in rewards animation bug
  • Stage 2 has some fps/performance drops
  • Fps settings are not getting saved properly
  • Some ultimate modifiers don’t unlock inside the shop after finding them
  • Stage 2 demon lord is too weak
  • Power Ups sometimes land in unreachable areas
  • Orcs have black bars above their heads
  • Dash lock bug

Planned for:
  • Controller Support!
  • Increase late-game bosses’ health for stage 1
  • Check out the monk boss in stage 2. The damage output is too high
  • Research: Level Up RNG Sorting System
  • Rework: End of the stage now shows gold acquired
  • RESEARCH: Overwatch Event (found in-game)
  • RESEARCH: Shop Refund
  • Add precise numbers to the description of “Head Hunter passive”
  • Synergize System