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Kagura Survivors: Endless Night (nsfw) » Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Patch Notes

Patch Notes

  • NEW: New Achievements added. Check them out now!
  • TRANSLATION: CN Translation update
  • TRANSLATION: JP Translation update
  • FIX: Gallery Rewards now properly save
  • UI: Added Gallery Reward Anims Skip Option in Settings
  • FIX: Modifier stat conflict now properly recognize attribute slot stats
  • FIX: Stage Complete Soft Block should not occur anymore
  • FIX: Pickup Achievements should be working now
  • FIX: Modifier stat bugs now properly considering the attribute slot
  • REWORK: Removed random pickup spawners and replaced them with more reliable destructible props that spawn random pickups.
  • REWORK: Destructible props (boxes) now respawn after a time, but only if not on screen
  • REWORK: Leftover Pickups now show up on the mini-map
  • FIX: Pickup lifetime is now infinite
  • FIX: Chest now gets removed after being opened
  • FIX: Small audio variation delay for bosses so the sound doesn’t stack anymore
  • REWORK: Enemies now run away after Stage Completion
  • FIX: Added skippable Dialogue Option in Settings
  • Rework: Leaderboard now opens steam leaderboard in steam overlay
  • FIX: End Screen Highscore Value is now BLUE, so it is not confused with Gold Value
  • UI: Visual Update to Settings
  • UI: Added Numbers to Level Up selections to try and communicate the hotkeys. Let us know if this helps!
  • UI: Added Patchnotes to the game as UI Element. Stay updated easier!

Known Issues:

  • UI loses mouse focus at specific points in-game
  • Enemies shrink weirdly at times
  • Enemies spawning inside or super close to you

Planned for:

  • RESEARCH: HyperMode (Post 25 minutes)
  • RESEARCH: Overwatch Event (found ingame)
  • RESEARCH: Shop Refund
  • Add clear numbers to description of “Head Hunter passive”