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Schism » Just in time! Update 0.9

Hello! Another update just a week after the first! This one has a lot of balance updates thanks to people in the discord testing the game. Big thanks to dave, he’s been pushing through the difficulty skulls all the way to level 100!!


  • explosive damage is reduced on player and explosive enemy damage now scales with ATK (thanks dave)
  • reload card now gives 5 free attacks
  • reduced stinger enemy’s damage per bullet
  • buffed Greed God’s discount bonus (thanks dave)
  • rebalanced Crysto boss at higher difficulties (thanks dave)
  • rebalanced Fly Queen boss at higher difficulties
  • rebalanced Face Guardian boss at higher difficulties
  • rebalanced Facestealer boss at higher difficulties
  • rebalanced Council boss at higher difficulties
  • rebalanced Duke of Hate boss at higher difficulties


  • orrery cannon summons now persist between rooms
  • healer enemy’s heal now has a visual effect
  • changed color of enemies frozen in time
  • gun tooltips now don’t overlap (mostly)
  • can now see some tooltips during level up screen
  • reduced volume of bubble gun (thanks dave)
  • toned down CRT effect of many things
  • npcs from events now spawn in center of room


  • fixed crash from touching god altar (thanks YellowSwerve)
  • fixed sword weapons not swinging properly at high attack speeds (thanks dave)