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Juicy Realm » Juicy Realm is out on Switch! Thank you all so much for all the support!

Hello everyone, we are very happy to share a great news with you: our game [Juicy Realm] has just been released on Nintendo Switch on Nov 7th! Thank you all for supporting us!

The fixes and updates of the PC version are all in the previous patch notes. The switch version is launched with time-limited exclusive Boss Rush mode + a new character. These will all be updated to the PC version later.
Our journey of improving Juicy Realm has always been a journey of our stubbornness, and we would never be able to come so far without all of your support. Our team SpaceCan hasn’t been here for long, our first game was also not generating enough income to balance the cost. And there was other company stealing our art and we couldn’t take action. It was great to have a dream and making a game we desire, but persisting was really not an easy job. Juicy Realm is our first game and might as well be our last.
To all the players who have played our game, given us wonderful feedbacks, suggestions, and wished to play a better Juicy Realm, we could not have been here without your support, critics and kind wishes. If you could remember there was a game called Juicy Realm, our work has not been done for nothing. 

Thank you!