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Jet Lancer » Jet Lancer’s Characters

We’ve talked a bit about the story of Jet Lancer- you play as a flight-school burnout trying to make her way in the world, but we wanted to take some time now that we’ve announced our release date for you to all to learn a little more about the individuals in Jet Lancer. So today we’re talking about

Jet Lancer’s Characters!

Ashlyn Leguinn is convinced she’s the most deadly thing in the sky, and she might be. After being dishonorably discharged from the academy she pursued any opportunity to get back into the air. She has partnered with Captain Orson Ratskeller, a mercenary working in the Sheltered Sea and has continued to push her limits ever since. She hasn’t found a breaking point…yet.

Likes: Breaking the sound barrier, being the best, saving the day.
Dislikes: Failure, “Safety Precautions”

Captain Orson Ratskeller finds himself as the leader of a small, highly effective group of mercenaries. After a vicious fight with Sky Pirates left him with a badly damaged ship and a crew numbering in the single digits he was ready to retire. If it wasn’t for a chance meeting with a highly skilled pilot and a great deal on some grey market equipment to kickstart a new mercenary duo he would have. He and Ash have been working together for two years. Like many in the trade, he’s most concerned with keeping a positive cashflow to keep his engines running and his crew fed. He’s quiet about his history, leading some to believe there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Likes: Discipline, Order, Money
Dislikes: Paying for repairs, Needless Casualties

Lem is the smartest person – well, cat – in the crew. His mind is sharp, his claws are sharp, his insults are sharp, but he’s very fluffy. As is tradition with cats, he will do what he wants, most of the time that’s tinkering with the LANCE.

Likes: Fish, Heavy Machinery
Dislikes: Baths, Pierce

Pierce Gilette graduated as top of the class in the flight academy once Ash dropped out. He has since gone on to a comfortable pilot’s position within the government. His rivalry with Ash drives him to be better, though he’s not afraid to take a short-cut on the way to doing the right thing.

Likes: Being the best
Dislikes: Mustard

There’s some more characters we’d love to tell you about, but to talk about them would just be spoilers, so instead we’ll tell you a little bit about what we’ll be talking about next week!

If you’ve seen the Jet Lancer trailer you’ve heard the absolutely pounding basslines and shredding guitar of our composers, Zach and Patrick from Fat Bard. In our next update we’ll be chatting with them a bit about what makes a good game soundtrack and their process for working on Jet Lancer’s soundscape. We can’t wait to share it with you all.

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Over and out.