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Jet Lancer » Jet Lancer Arcade Mode is Available now

Hello Pilots!

We’re pleased to announce the addition of a new way to play Jet Lancer- Arcade Mode! We’ve been working on it for a long time and we finally get to share it with you all today. Taking inspiration from roguelite games and some much requested features from the community, Jet Lancer’s Arcade Mode is our take on an endless, wave-based score-attack mode.

  • Unique, stacking upgrades, make each run one-of-a-kind. The longer you survive, the more powerful you become.
  • Three new pilots with unique jets and handling.
  • New progression system to unlock additional pilots and their jets
  • New Primary Weapons!
  • Flamethrower: Immense repeatable damage at very close range.
  • Railgun: Instantaneous precision shots.
  • Coil Gun: Chain lightning between grouped enemies.
  • Multi-boss battles – fight multiple bosses from the story mode at the same time.

Arcade Mode unlocks part-way through the Story, after completing OP 21: Airshow.

We hope you enjoy stretching your three lives to the absolute limits, but if you just want to fly around and enjoy yourself without the worry of dying to a stray mega-laser, all of our customization options for dodge windows and damage negation are still there for you to take advantage of.

We do have some standard patch notes this time around too:

  • Added score multiplier meters to make the scoring system easier to understand
  • Tweaked difficulty and score requirements for certain operations
  • Buffed some of the weaker modules
  • Better performance on low-end PCs
  • Better support for high resolution monitors
  • And hundreds of bug fixes and tweaks!

We’re excited to see what you all think! Be sure to join the Jet Lancer Discord and tell us!

Lock and load,

Code Wakers