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Spell Defender » Island and Performance Update!

Hello there!

This new update will focus on performance and a new arena! I have changed some settings and optimized a lot of the game so hopefully it will not hog 90% GPU anymore 🙂

Island Arena

This new Arena is smaller than the previous ones and it has less enemies, but they are stronger and deal WAY more damage.

Change Basic Punch

There is now an option to reroll basic attack to any other passive or spell. This is quite fun to play around with I think.

  • Life regen and Life siphon has gotten a heavy nerf. I saw that it was quite easy to get a lot of regen and it was not hard to obtain AFK builds. With this change it will be a bit harder 🙂
  • Earth boulder nerfed a lot and other underperforming spells got some buffs.

Bugs and QOL

As always a lot of tiny bugs and QOL stuff has been fixed as well so the game will be a better experience now 🙂