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Galactic Glitch: Prologue » Introducing the Galactic Glitch Prologue – Join the Playtest Now!

Hello Galactic Glitch community! 🚀 We have some thrilling news for you!

We’re soon launching “Galactic Glitch Prologue,” a new FREE version of the game. The Prologue will include 2 full levels, a boss, new weapons and powers, and multiple Challenge Modes! We’re eager to gather your feedback on the gameplay and to introduce new players to the Galactic Glitch universe.

We’ve rebranded the existing Steam page into this new “Prologue” page to allow us to focus on gathering early player feedback. You’re welcome to join the Prologue Playtest, which has just kicked off. You can access the Playtest right here on this page, just scroll down to the “Join Playtest” section.

Your input is invaluable to us, and we’re eager to hear what you think about the Prologue, especially the new weapons, powers, the new area, and the Challenge Modes! 💪

And one more thing, for those Action-Roguelike specialists that really enjoy a challenge, we’ve even included NG+ modes for you to try! If the main game is too easy for you, we’re sure the NG+ modes will give you a run for your money!

As for the upcoming release of the full game, there’s another announcement following this one shortly!

But in the meantime, have fun playing the Prologue Playtest and sending us any and all feedback you like! Thank you for your understanding and for your support! 🙌

You can join the playtest by clicking the “Join Playtest” button right below the Wishlist/Follow section: