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Robot Resistors » Introducing DDOS!

We’re happy to be able to introduce the newest member of the Robot Resistors: DDOS! Armed with his razor-bladed floppy disks and new abilities, he’s ready for action! In addition, we’ve added five new rare drops to the game, as well as some minor improvements and under-the-hood changes. You can read more details about the additions and changes below, happy resisting!

  • New Character: DDOS! Starts with the floppy disk weapon (also new). Passive ability: +30% to the duration of effects from rare drops. Active Ability – Lottery: Generate a random rare drop that can be picked up. Unlock requirements listed in the character menu in-game. –Dev Note: Our newest addition to Robot Resistors came together very fast, and we hope players enjoy him as much as we have. His active ability “Lottery” is internally a new favorite, especially with the new rare drops we’ve added with this patch (see below).
  • New weapon: Razor Disks! Burst-fire sharpened floppy disk projectiles at nearby enemies every few seconds. Projectiles have short range, unlimited piercing, and do bonus damage to the first enemy they strike. Level up to increase range, firing rate, number of projectiles, and damage. –Dev Note: Razer Disks are an auto-targeting weapon that chooses targets from nearby enemies (if available). Since they are very short range (especially before leveling them up), with low damage and unlimited piercing, they are designed primarily as a support weapon that works best at softening up nearby clumps of enemies.
  • New Ultimate Weapon: 2-Dimensional Floppy Disks! Fires impossibly thin 5-inch floppy disks continuously in a never ending circle. Deals bonus damage to the first enemy struck. —Dev Note: 2D disks fire in a circle and never stop. It takes 4 seconds at base level to shoot 12 projectiles in a circle before beginning again. Extra projectile upgrades and passives will effectively boost attack speed, as it will take the same amount of time to shoot a higher number of projectiles, as well as adjusting the angle change per shot. Firing rate bonuses will reduce the time between shots as normal.
  • New Rare Drops for pickup! Rapid Fire Protocol, Damage Protocol, Cloaking Protocol, Intelligence Protocol, and Mobility Protocol. –Dev Note: We’ve wanted more variety for random rare drops for a while, so we added five new ones! Loot tables have been adjusted to accommodate the new additions.
  • Rapid Fire Protocol: Increase firing rate of weapons by 35% for 10 seconds.
  • Damage Protocol: Increase weapon damage by 100% for 10 seconds.
  • Cloaking Protocol: Become invisible to enemies for 10 seconds.
  • Intelligence Protocol: Gain 35% more experience from orbs for 25 seconds.
  • Mobility Protocol: Gain a large boost to movement speed for 10 seconds.
  • New and improved sprites for Dinobot3000 and Non-Binary
  • Made the beetle ring waves in Scorpion Land a little less tough
  • Some temple rooms now scale their objectives based on how many temples you’ve completed
  • Fixed a bug that was causing there to occasionally be times when the enemies felt more sparse than intended
  • Improvements to menu appearance
  • Fixes/improvements to item shadows
  • Added heal particles to regeneration effects for increased legibility
  • Changed some internal code regarding weapons. Any bug reports appreciated! —Dev Note: We made some backend changes to streamline the code dealing with weapon behavior to make development easier on our end. If we did a good job, everything should be the same! Let us know if that’s not the case!

Looking to the near-future, expect to see some new characters and weaponry, quality of life improvements, and other gameplay additions and tweaks as we begin work on Stage 4 in earnest. Thanks again for playing!

–The Crablacksmith Team (James, Frank, Luke, and Adrian)