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Waves 2: Notorious » Introducing “Attract” – A Utility Program That Sucks!

Over the last few Dev Streams, I have been working away on the new Attract Utility Program. Like the previously announced revamp of Glitch it uses the same slot as Slowmo but has significantly different functionality.

Attract gets dropped in the direction you are aiming and any enemies that come into contact with it will be sucked towards its core rendering them temporarily helpless.

Multiple Attract Programs can be active at once letting you herd enemies or cluster them together for a powerful Burst (Quake is a good fit here).

Attract lasts 5 seconds however if you want to end it early and get some energy back you can always collapse it by touching the Core causing a shockwave that knocks away enemies.

The downside? Attract has a limit on how many enemies it can manage at once. Go over this limit and it collapses early potentially launching those enemies right at you. If you plan on using this to counter Bosses in Dive then you might want to upgrade it so it doesn’t collapse quite as quickly!

Attract will be replacing Rage so if you’ve already unlocked Rage you will automatically receive Attract in the next update.