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Iniquity Survivors » Iniquity Survivors DEMO – Patch 0.0.2

The probably biggest patch yet will bring significant changes to the Lobby to better reflect what you can expect in the early access version and the full release of the game.


  • The shop has been removed
  • The Account-Section now features an inventory!
  • Playing different maps rewards you with different items.
  • The Lobby now features multiple NPCs for current as well as future content
    1. Alessandra
      Hire Mercenaries and unlock more characters! This feature is only available in the Early Access version of the game.
    2. Blair
      Engulf yourself in the world of magic and learn new spells from Blair. Additional spells are only available in the Early Access version.
    3. Fabron
      Forge powerful artifacts to strengthen your mercenaries! This feature will be available in the full release.*
    4. Bella,
      Mill herbs, craft potions and inks to unlock and ascend runes to new levels or empower your runs with strong potions! Runes will be available with the Early Access Version of the game. However, you can already collect materials and craft items in preperation for the early access version!
    5. Kanan
      Check back daily at 5AM UTC to see which items he has in for you today! Spend Concentrated Sins to buy missing reagents, or if you are lucky, acquire a very rare item! (And for anyone concerned, there will never be microtransactions in this game!)
  • A new settings option is available to increase multiplayer experience for clients. This option can be disabled to increase performance.

The Demos maximum Account Level of 3 will prevent you from gaining further experience, however, you will still be able to collect Concentrated Sin as well as crafting materials from playing! Use this to your advantage to prepare for a strong start into the early access!

Please note, crafting reagents and amounts needed are subject to change in the future.


  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a canto-selection could appear twice, causing an infinite amount of enemies to spawn
  • Fixed a bug where dying at the same time as receiving a canto selection would soft-lock the game


  • Large parts of the Lobby UI has been re-written and redesigned
  • Spells cannot be assigned by drag-and-drop anymore and are now assigned by clicking and selecting a slot.


  • [BUFF] Spiral Shot: Increased damage gained from hitting additional enemies from 10% SP > 15% SP
  • [NERF] Tempest: Increased Cooldown from 18s > 24s