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Iniquity Survivors » Iniquity Survivors DEMO – Patch 0.0.2-1

Fixed a few bugs causing Holy Nova to sometimes push enemies beyond the maps boundaries
General Bugfixes for various smaller, often unnoticed, bugs have been performed


  • Materials and Concentrated Sins gained after every match have been drastically increased
  • Most material cost when buying items at the merchant have been decreased
  • Bella, Magical Alchemy, has closed their doors in the demo version.


  • Players can now leave their first-impression feedback directly in-game! I would appreciate any feedback you might have for us, however, you can only give first-impression feedback once.
  • The Spell “Piercing Blades” can now be unlocked in the demo version


  • Various updates and changes to existing systems, as well as new additions to the code make this update larger than anticipated