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Iniquity Survivors » Iniquity Survivors DEMO – Patch 0.0.1-8


  • Fixed a bug where Vice Of Greeds 15-Stack Bonus was not applied correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Vice Of Gluttony 15-Stack Bonus would reset when selecting a canto
  • Fixed a bug in multiplayer sessions where sometimes clients stat display would reset to default values when the host dies. This however was only of visual nature.
  • Various improvements on garbage collection
  • Fixed a bug where enemies damage dealt was sometimes calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed a display error where enemies HPBar was sometimes showing 0 instead of 1.
  • Fixed a bug where Arctic Bolts did not benefit from elemental damage and canto damage bonus.
  • Fixed a bug where copycat would sometimes not imitate autoattacks correctly or at all.


  • Holding down LMB will now pause autoattacks until released


  • Adjusted default time between spawn waves from 2s > 1.5s
  • Adjusted Arctic Bolt Damage from 30% SP > 15% SP
  • Adjusted Fierce Cold ATK-Bonus from 30% ATK > 20% ATK


  • Enabled key rebindings again!

While this should not be of concern for most users and can only ever affect existing user, if you experience keybindings not working properly, please head over to
and delete the input config. This will reset your keybindings but also ensure they are working again as intended!

As always, if you encounter any problems with this patch, please head over to the discord server and make sure to let me know!