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Iniquity Survivors » Iniquity Survivors DEMO – Patch 0.0.1-6


  • Reduced Foliage Clutter on the Frozen Plains Map
  • New players have been missing the Trading Outpost, so the Intermission Tutorial has been reworked to force new players into the shop the very first time
  • Adjusted responsiveness for autotargeting


  • (De-)Buffs are now marked with red or green outlines, depending on if they are positive or negative effects
  • Frozen Plains Boss now features a new ability: Ice Rush!
  • The recap button is now highlighted as many players seemed to miss that one
  • Certain Elite & Boss Enemies are not mute anymore and now make sounds


  • Fixed a bug, where since last patch enemies forgot their wallet at home and did not drop gold anymore – Sorry about that!