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We’ve noticed that our player base has been playing really hard to beat the game with every ship possible. It’s the biggest compliment we could have received. Thank you! As a response, we have been working just as hard hard to make sure the fun never ends!

The first thing we have done is reward all of that hard work by creating new achievements that will be awarded for all your efforts, as well as future efforts to come. There is now an achievements for beating the game with every individual ship. Don’t worry, if you’ve already beaten the game with a ship, the game will know, and will award you that achievement the first time you boot up and play!

We have also added new ships! We know how much our players enjoyed how the different ships changed the game play, as well as the challenge they presented. So we have come up with five entirely new ships that have completely unique abilities. These ships are truly game changers, and while we don’t want to spoil anything, we will say they were inspired by our small community of players. These new ships were based on feedback and features our players wanted to see added to the game. Thank you everyone for all of your feedback, you are the reason we’ve loved working so hard on this game! Much like the original ships, the new ships must be unlocked. You’ll have to beat a certain number of waves in the new game mode in order to unlock them. Speaking of…

There is a new game mode! Infinity mode is just what it sounds like, a game mode where the game continues for as long as you don’t die. The waves start small, with only a few enemies to defeat in the lower waves, and quickly ramps up by adding enemies the higher you get. Its as simple as that, but it creates an interesting twist that gives players a challenge, and a whole new way to experience the game,

Last but not least, for those of you who are on the fence, we have released a demo that should help solidify GunDeck[100] as your next steam purchase. The demo includes the first of 16 ships available in the full game, as well as access to the new Infinity mode. Play to your hearts content, or until you are ready to try your hand at the different advantages and challenges that come from playing the other ships, as well as classic mode.