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Infinite Incantation » Infinite Incantation Update 0.2.0

UPDATE: 0.2.1 Hotfix fixes the issue where the money multiplier would not initialize unless the shop was opened. Now there’s no issue. Sorry about that!

Hello everyone, we have another update prepared for Infinite Incantation.


  • Reduced enemy load resulting in much higher framerates across the board
  • Bountiful remote detonation and similar combinations will no longer cause freezing when casting
  • Other minor tweaks
  • The game should run better now, please let us know!

New Features
  • Refunding now has a cost – so plan carefully!
  • The amount and strengths of Spell Archetypes you Exclude now affect a money gain multiplier. Going into a level with a less-than-advantageous deck will now give you more money, and egregiously stacking the deck in your favour might cause your total money gain to decrease
  • Double the money multiplier with the cheat code HARDMONEYEASY
  • Upgrading Earth affinity also increases the size of earth spells
  • 5 new Spell Archetypes: Zipper, Crop Dusters, Morebiting, Scrubber, and Spiral Collapse

Gameplay and Balancing
  • Dexterity stat now increases base critical hit chance
  • Luck stat has been buffed slightly
  • Cost of upgrading Affinities has been decreased
  • Cost of upgrading stats has changed slightly
  • Flask upgrades cost less and you receive more from beating bosses
  • On Passive spell effects have increased in size
  • Last 2 bosses of every level have increased in size
  • Returning to the Tower no longer opens the Title Screen
  • Tutorial now shows up after returning to the Tower for the first time so first-time players can have more context for its explanations
  • Nerfed final boss of Vagrant’s Volcano slightly (this boss will be reworked in later updates)
  • Removed the ability to get Bountiful upgrade on Star

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed issue where the player could not interact with level portals or the shop upon loading cloud saves on another device
  • Larger enemies no longer push you around
  • Fixed rare issues when rebinding controls
  • Fixed another Cannon Ape T-pose issue
  • Figure-8 no longer can receive blood effects

  • Visual clarity tweaks to 3D models and effects
  • Minor tweaks to hitboxes of level obstacles
  • Reconfigured input scrunting